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John Smoltz...

Posted: Mon May 10, 2004 4:01 pm
by cannonarm21
Do you guys ever see it getting so bad with Atlanta that they would consider moving Smoltz back into a starting role?

Atlanta's starters:
Ortiz 3-4, 4.42 ERA
Thompson 2-2, 4.5
Hampton 0-3, 7.67
Ramirez 0-3, 2.75
Wright 2-2, 3.76

It just seems that with a guy as talented as Smoltz, they are not going to get much of a chance to use him at this rate. I know there has been alot of injuries to the Braves offense so the run support hasn't been there, but as a staff the ERA is poor.
Smoltz has never hidden the fact that he wants to be a starter. On top of that Atlanta would have capable closers in Alfonseca or Gryzbowski.

Just a thought, I doubt it would ever happen.

Posted: Mon May 10, 2004 4:15 pm
by matmat
i doubt it. it takes a while to readjust to a starting role from being a one-inning guy. I could see them doing that in spring training next year, possibly, but not this year. also, when is paul byrd supposed to be back?

Posted: Mon May 10, 2004 4:54 pm
by Pedro
Unless Smoltz takes a hometown discount he isn't going to be in Atlanta next year. They already have their closer for the future with Chris Reitsma anyway.

Smoltz himself talked about how his services would be best used in the starters role, but I forget who talked him down.

I know Paul Byrd just did a rehab assignment in Myrtle Beach? I forget where, but he did a rehab assignment and will be joining the Rome Braves soon if he already hasn't. It's not like he's going to make a big difference, he'll start off in the BP and then take the 5th spot in the rotation from Wright just because JS won't want to waste 7M.