Are the A's hiding something about Harden?

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Are the A's hiding something about Harden?

Post by kemper5 »

We all know he's injury prone, but are the A's covering up just how injured his shoulder is now. It went from he's scheduled to pitch Tuesday & Sun to Geren then saying "Im not putting him on the DL" to He's on the DL. And then Halsey exposes the A's for them trying to force him to pitch through an injury and called them out. The A's tried to keep that under covers but Halsey came out and ripped them.. Something ain't right here fellas. Are the A's trying to cover things up?
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Post by MotorCityKitties »

It's an interesting thought, but Harden was placed retroactively back to April 16, meaning he's eligible to come off the DL next Tuesday. So he's really not missing more than a week.
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Post by Yoda »

The A's and Harden screwed a lot of people last year also with his elbow injury. Everyone said he was fine and he was coming back soon but he wound up pitching 46 IP all year.
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Post by fbc_fan »

with it being a retroactive DL trip, i'd assume that they're just being cautious with harden, considering his history. resting him for a week may keep him off the DL in the future, i hope. :-o

also, halsey should think before he runs his mouth. i mean, i'd pitch dallas braden too if i'd seen halsey's work. he stinks.
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teddy ballgame
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Post by teddy ballgame »

Damnit I almost traded him a few days ago. Hopefully he comes back strong and I'll have another chance to trade him before he goes down for good.
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