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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 1:06 pm
by kimchi_chigae
Tribe In '05 wrote:
kimchi_chigae wrote:this was expected from the indians...they signed juan they have to give him a chance...not that i agree with it...but the indians don't need to rush sizemore...if juan gone plays well...good for them...if he struggles or hit the DL...then they can always call up sizemore.

juan gone hit a homer today...3rd of the spring. :-)

I sure hope Juan Gone can stay healthy. He can provide some veteran leadership to the kids. We all saw how he played in C-Town previously. Will he come close to that? No way. If he stays (relatively) healthy, will he be better for the Tribe than Grady? Definitely. And this comes from a Sizemore owner in my money league.

yeah last time juan gone was in CLE he was coming off a not so good year with DET. people were saying he was done and all...i think the indians will be happy if he can produce half of what he did back in 01. ;-D