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Post by Laean »

great gretzky wrote:brian roberts is not a sell high candidate -- unless you get overwhelmed for him.

the reason is, I would think most drafted him for a healthy steals total, which he will most certainly get, and an avg that is satisfactory. any doubt he will hit .275 wiht 30 steals? I don't.

however, all of these extra stats, while being gravy are definitely helping your squad.

I think he is the type of player you don't bother trading, at least until you realize 60 percent or so of the value you originally projected him for yet find someone who is paying the price he is currently producing at.

Otherwise, it undermines your orignial strategy. if he keeps it up for half a season -- you reap the benefit you already drafted him for -- then you upgrade.

If the bottom falls out, he still gets the steals you projected him for.

I doubt anyone gives you top 3 rounds of value for him, yet I don't see why he couldn't be worth aa 4th or 5th round pick -- and at that rate, he still will have exceeded the value most assigned to him.

I think the best sell high guys are the ones who are more peripheral to your oringinal strategy, like OF's who perform higher than expected, or pitchers.

I was the last to draft a 2b in my keeper league (9 teams, small granted) and I can't think of a single reason to move him.

it all just depends on what you get in return for him. no one's saying sell brian roberts high for podsednik or anything. but if it's carl crawford/ichiro/marcus giles you're being offered, you'd be dumb not to take it.

i don't think burnett is a sell high.

burrell's time to sell high has passed.

my sell highs are:

b roberts
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Post by The Punisher »

Nice list but why sell Redman high? He is not even owned in most leagues
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BN M. Young (Tex - SS) - - - - - - - - -
BN A. Huff (TB - 1B,3B,OF) - - - - - - - - -

Post by wannabthechamp »

jbones733 wrote:Burrell i think was a week 1 candidate now hes looking like Burrell again

I agree, in Week 2 I was able to deal Burrell for Halladay. I consider this a pretty good sell high deal.
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Post by The Punisher »

;-D nice one wannab, I screwed some guy last year when Burrell was near the end of his midseason hot streak by trading just him away for Rollins, Castillo, and Kearns
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Post by Nemo »

wannabthechamp wrote:
jbones733 wrote:Burrell i think was a week 1 candidate now hes looking like Burrell again

I agree, in Week 2 I was able to deal Burrell for Halladay. I consider this a pretty good sell high deal.

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OF: S.Podsednik
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DL: O.Dotel

Post by cnt »

I sold Lyon and Wilkerson high. Got me Billy Wagner. Not bad for a WW pick-up in Lyon and a bench player on my team in Wilkerson. I realize Wagner is an injury risk, but when healthy he is a top 5 closer.

Other Sell highs

D. Young
Garland (IF you can find someone who believes in his start)
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Post by Steelers Rule »

kingctb27 wrote:Two Words.......Brett Myers.

yes sell him :-D
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Post by Honus »

As a point of reference, I got Teixera (or however you spell it) and Armando Benitez for Andruw Jones and Brian Roberts. I thought that was a pretty good trade until two days later when Benitez got hurt. Point is, you CAN get 2-4th round talent for Roberts.
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chris young, shields, billingsley, burnett, harden, oliver perez, mcgowan, and soon to be cueto.

nathan, f. cordero, neshek, rauch, heilman.

10 teams.

Post by great gretzky »

the only problem with some of these deals, is they require you to sacrifice the sb's that brian gets.

I'm sorry -- not taking marcus giles for roberts at the present time. What is it exactly that giles represents that roberts isn't providing right now?

Obviously, if you are getting steals back, it is a different situation. so yea, take an ichiro, crawford etc.

unless you want to change tactics, hold. but if you can totalyl change tactics and win, then by all means taker a teixera.
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