Who's more ridiculous? Joe Morgan or John Kruk?

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I'm not I mean you know a Red Sox fan but you know I like I mean Jerry Remey. I mean Joe Morgan you know should take lesson from him. And I'll bet you know Remey isnt getting paid you know nearly the money I mean the Morgan is making.And Remey knows when to shut up. Next ESPN game just listen to the I means and You knows. Very unprofessional.And after all these years.
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Post by jblank »

I cannot stand Joe Morgan. I dont like his buttboyness when it comes to Barry Bonds (Bonds apparently can do no wrong in his behavior/demeaner/off the field activities *ahem*) or his real lack of understanding about what is going on in Baseball. It seems like he just shows up for the games, but pays no attention to stats, does no scouting, and is only there to get a paycheck. I like Reynolds and Kruk, but cannot tolerate Bowa. I really wish they would have Gammons on more, especially since he and Kirkjian seem to really know what the hell is going on in the game, unlike some others.
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Kurk is the worst. His Page 2 columns over at ESPN.com were the least professional texts I've ever read. No one named Andy Chavez ever played centerfield for the Expos. Vernon Wells didn't fail to hit 40 homeruns in 2004 like he did in 2003 because Vernon Wells hit 33 homeruns in 2003. He also listed Corey Koskie in a list of players underperforming that were keeping their respective teams out of the postseason while the Twins were in first place.

He just shows up and collects a paycheck. That and Curt Schilling should win the Cy Young last season because he had more wins. Too bad every last sportswriter with a vote knows otherwise.
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Morgan's easily the most annoying color man I've ever heard. Not only does he not have anything to say, but he says it over and over and over and over. A guy like Reynolds is at least likable, and Kruk is that jackass you enjoy laughing at. Morgan could not be more tedious.
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Anyone who is a mets fan just cringes when they see Steve Philips. He DESTROYED the mets before he left, and now hes doing commentary.... :-t
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guys.... there's this great new modern invention, its called the MUTE button ;-D ;-D but seriously, all of them deserve to be muted. the only guys who seem to know their stuff are gammons, kurkjian, neyer, and stark. reynolds has some interesting things to say about the intricacies of the game that are harder for an outsider who hasnt watched everygame to pick up. kurk is hilarious. he has no idea what he's talking about, but watching the fatty babble is what puts the E in ESPN. as for morgan, once in a blue moon he comes up with a gem, otherwise he creates stats off the top of his head and tries to explain and re-explain what happened wrong on a certain play (such as the A-rod error) while we miss the rest of the action.
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I would love to watch a Miller broadcast without him somehow slipping a dig on the A's, or on Moneyball, or discuss the virtues of "productive outs." :-t
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Can we just get Rob Dibble back and throw him in the box with Kruk and Brantley? Then I'd at least know what I'm getting. Purely subjective opinion with no substantive value other than unintentional humor.
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WEEI Sports Radio in Boston was just tearing into Morgan this morning. They were saying that he doesn't understand his JOB. He's a COMMENTATOR, he's supposed to make insightful comments to explain WHY certain things happen. But most of the time he just describes WHAT just happened. It's like he thinks that the audience can't see the play (like in radio). So he ends up describing what any moron could see. They even said McCarver on Fox is better. And that's saying a lot because Sox fans hate him with the fire of a thousand suns.
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