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What's your strategy when a great deal comes your way?

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Postby Cooner » Wed Jun 29, 2005 1:49 pm

Tough call- I like both Half Massed and benjapage's ideas. I think it kind of depends upon your league- since you talk often by email, I'm guessing it's either a keeper league or a group of players who you will play future leagues with. If that's the case, going with the "honest" answer of "dude, you're on crack. Would you like me to include Coco Crisp?" may help in future years/deals. If it's a short term league, then the substitute player of equal value here approach may be the way to go.

The third option is to accept, but with some explaination. Like, "as you know, I usually don't take first offers, and tend to negotiate a bit, but I think this is a good deal. Here's why it helps me out..." Finishing with a, "so I think this trade will work out for both of us- thanks for the offer!"
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Postby RugbyD » Wed Jun 29, 2005 1:50 pm

just focus on the downside more than the upside in your discussions and work backwards to justifying it as an even trade.
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Postby The Loveable Losers » Wed Jun 29, 2005 2:13 pm

Right...if this is a one year league with complete strangers and the trade pretty much sets your team for the year then just hit Accept as fast as possible and if you're sending emails just explain how you think it's a fair deal and show why you think it helps his team.

If it's a long-term league or with people you'll play with in the future then I agree that you don't want to get a bad it really going to hurt you that much to throw in a bench guy that actually gives you more space on your roster to make FA moves? And it might make the other owner happier as well.
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Postby jr461 » Wed Jun 29, 2005 4:37 pm

How do you get a bad rep for taking advantage of someone who MADE the offer? I assume these are money leagues with all adults who know baseball (why else put your money into it?). That being the case, be careful what you offer as someone might accept.

It takes 2 to make a trade, so how is one guy the bad guy in a lopsided one, especially when he is just sitting there and the offer pops up?

I don't get the ability to pull back an accepted offer. We can pull offers back, but only if they have not yet been responded to. Once accepted, it's a done deal.
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Postby whoson1st0 » Wed Jun 29, 2005 10:34 pm

Well the reason I asked about this was because of the deal I was offered in my POINT-BASED league:

Willis/Abreu/rowand for Eaton/Sexson/Sanders

This was sent to me via email and was an upgrade over what previous deals that we had discussed now that Willis was included.

After a few emails back and forth I officially posted the trade on the site which he accepted. After the league got the notification the emails started to fly about how lopsided this was (Willis is ranked #2 in points among SP, Abreu #2 among batters) - of course this isn't the case over the past month or so, but overall, so no one seems to take into account a fast start. Anyway....

The other team then emailed our commish letting him know he didnt mean to offer abreu but rather anderson. Another team filed an official complaint and our executive committe made up of 3 league members were asked to rule on whether the deal should be overturned or upheld.

The thing is, we are all friends so no one really wants to screw anyone else over. We pretty much trust what the others have to see, maybe foolishly.

Before the committe could decide, we decided just to do a new deal, which was

Pettitte/Abreu/Wily Mo for Eaton/Sexson/Sanders

I sort of hope that willis collapses and eaton tears it up in the 2nd half so that I can use this in the future as an example of a "can't miss" trade that misses.
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Postby rainman23 » Thu Jun 30, 2005 11:05 am

I definitely lean in the direction of fairness, but, man, it sure sounds like you're getting hosed here. The guy engaged in a series of emails, then formally accepted an offer, and never once noticed that the name was ABREU instead of ANDERSON? I'm all for protecting the innocent, but when a guy makes a career out of stupidity I don't think you ought to mess with his career.
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