A riddle: How is A.J. Burnett like Daniel Cabrera?

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Ridiculous stuff alone will get you nowhere without good control (Cabrera doesn't have it) and a full assortment of pitches (ditto). Even guys who have already EXCELLED often have a hard time keeping pace (Sheets and even Johan Santana).

I already fell prey to the impulse to pick up young fireballers (I picked up Ervin Santana) and it has got me nothing but heartache, I'm afraid.
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It must suck to be an American League hitter. You'd never know if that 100 MPH heat were headed toward your head or ten feet outside. I don't think Cabrera knows either. Anyone 5'8" or under shouldn't even bother bringing a bat. :-D
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Chicago RedSox wrote:I'm thinking about picking him up too. He won his last three startswhich were against (get this) the Yankees, the Red Sox, and Cleveland (who was hot at the time). 20ip, 3er, 0hr, 8bb, 19k.
The walks are still an issue, but I don't think Min, Tex, CWS, and LAA will scare him after all that.
I was holding onto Od. Perez hoping he'd turn around after his DL stint, but I might drop him now for Cabrera.

You mean Seattle, Boston, and Cleveland. The Yanks actually got to him pretty good the start before that.

Still though this guy's worth a :-? at least.
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