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PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2005 9:19 pm
by nikku88
Javy could be good again next year. Don Cooper has had good success there and Javy will finally have a good D behind him.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2005 10:43 pm
by TheYanks04
Rowand was traded so you are looking at Pods, B. Anderson and Dye in the OF for the WSox. And it is OF defense and wall scaling ability that will matter in this case.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 1:31 am
Vasquez really didn't blow last year. His era+ was 99, meaning average. His DIPS era was 4.03. He had 20 QS. He was better then Hudson and Morris. He had 1 year in AL, in NY, so on that basis, we can say he will stink in AL? It was a great move by Chicago. Great staff.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:54 am
by thedude
Its offical: The D-Backs have offical conored the market on Stud outfield prospects.

Not really but their system can rival the D-Rays on outfielders.

Connor (who plays first but can play the outfield)
carlos gonzales

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:29 am
by Yoda
Facts to consider:

1. Vazquez hasn't shown that he can pitch well outside of MTL. I gave him a pass in 04 but he was pretty bad again in 05
2. He gives up a lot of homers. US Cellular Field is the worst place for this: ... eason=2005
3. Vazquez has been overworked in his young career
4. Moving to AL will most definitely hurt his numbers overall
5. He makes a lot of money and will be blocking McCarthy

He is young and talented enough that there is a chance that he returns to his MTL form but given the above factors, I doubt it.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 12:54 pm
by stumpak
I don't get the whole "Montreal" thing. People forget that Olympic was a big time hitter's park, second only to Coors, and that the Puerto Rico Stadium was an even more severe hitter's park. I will grant you that something may have changed in Vazquez's mechanics or arm that now make him more succeptible to HRs, but the fact is that he prospered in an extreme pitcher's park before.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 2:04 pm
by TheYanks04
Well outside of possible arm overuse, what has obviously changed is a case of mental stress (or in old fashioned terms, he is gutless).

Montreal: Play games in front of 3000 fans, no TV, reporters that speak French, no one expected a thing winning-wise.

NY: Complete opposite.

Ariz: More pressure to win (though not like NY)...pressure to do well to prove NY was a fluke. Wilts again.

Some guys just can't do well under pressure (look at Rogers as a case in point). Though at least wih Rogers, he has pitched well for the better part of his resgular-season career and largely done the big choke in the playoffs.