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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:01 pm
by rjforlife
BuckeyeSal wrote:Just to counter the guy on the first page, I play in a very competative league for the past decade. We still have guys that would forget about Hermida or not be able to find him quickly in their list because of his ranking. I'm sure that's the case with 99% of the leagues in the world.

just to counter you on the 3rd page, im not saying my league is the most competitive in the world or anything but the whole league would have to forget about hermida to get him at a really great value. and my comments arent directed to people in long standing leagues or leagues with friends, but for random yahoo public joiners, where people have 2 teams and cheat, draft and never update the teams, or in general have no idea what they are doing. i did those league for a while and got really fed up with it. sorry if i came off as arrogant or whatever derogatory word you wanted to use, that was never my intention. the point of my posts was to knock yahoo public leagues, not build myself and my league up to be the greatest in the world.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 4:27 pm
by pat1999
i dont think rookies can be ranked "too low" lets not forget that the blue chip prospect is never gaurenteed success in the majors...for this simple fact yahoo has consistenly ranked rookies very low...lets face it..there is a lot of risk invloved when drafting a matter what he did in the minors...

the real steals i think with yahoo rankings are with players comming back from injuries