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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2006 9:08 am
by rotterdam_82
Thursday wrote:Last I heard, and experienced, a balanced team wins 100% of the time. You wouldn't really stay competitive in wins and K's, like your vision is somehow giving you. You play roto? Not a chance. You'd be at the bottom of two categories, essentially throwing away points. A large error people make when cooking up these types of stretegies is that they assume everything always stays the same. Yeah, batters are pretty consistent year in year out, but they aren't always the same. Same goes for your RPs, their production isn't the same from year to year. Also, in taking offense first, you'll be missing out on some of the best RP's that there are.

Take starting pitchers. You'll need to balance out your team in order to win your league. If this strategy worked, it would have been figured out already and used heavily.

Absolutely. For everyone that has won using LIMA or some other similar strategy there are hundreds that win by simply drafting a nicely balance.

Very well written comment Thursday.

Waiting till completion of offensive draft until drafting SPs: Good Idea.

See I don't even agree with that. I rarely take a pitcher before the 4th, but I'll cirtainly have 2 or 3 on my team before my offence is complete. I've never liked the idea of having to rely entirely on 'potential'.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2006 11:56 am
by j_d_mcnugent
i have seen it tried a couple times in h2h but the teams didnt do too well. the best was about 5th or 6th place out of 12. most finished at or near the bottom. the problems are:

1) you think you are guaranteed a win in saves, whip, era but you arent. saves can be unpredictable. you dont know exactly when you will get them. some weeks you will end up with 10-12, other weeks 3-4. whip and era can vary significantly because you have a small amount of ip for the week. one or two bad outings and you are sunk. also, the opposing manager only needs to make a few starts that week. he will pick his best matchups and could actually beat you in whip and era even if you dont have any blowups.

2) you absolutely MUST win ALL hitting categories. one problem i have seen with this is that the teams doing this strategy arent nearly as good offensively as they think they are. maybe a better drafter can pull it off but most teams i have seen have good offense but not significantly better than everyone else. in h2h in any given week you cant be sure what is going to happen. no matter how good you think your offense is you are going to have a hard time sweeping the offensive categories.

over the course of the season this strategy just doesnt seem to work given the standard 5x5 category setup.