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Josh Willingham...Slump or Chump?

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 6:38 pm
by tds1273
Was his hot start in April (.299, 5, 20, 10ks) the real Josh (or at least a bit closer to his true form) and he is simply in a slump? Or are his May numbers (.245, 2, 12, 28ks) more than just bad luck?

So what do you experts say: jump now before this tailspin hits the ground or hang on and watch him pull it out?

...also and I hate to post this in the wrong forum, but since it is somewhat on topic, who is better catcher to have him or Barrett?

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 8:01 pm
by cordscords
In the middle.

Should finish with a .280 BA, 15-20 HR.

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 8:19 pm
by PlayingWithFire
Hammer should do just fine ;-D

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 9:05 pm
by suppasonic
He'll be above average if you start him at catcher, below average anywhur else.

He will do just fine. Ill agree with the previous comment that a .280, 15-20 HR is a very possible scenario, which would make him a top 5ish catcher.

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 9:40 pm
by Dorny
If you're a guy like me and have him in a H2H with no limit on games played and you also have Varitek is he worth the spot starts at C when he is playing this way? I enjoyed April and had him as the starter considering Varitek's slump. But I have very limited bench space in this 10 teamer and am starting to have concerns that holding on to him is going to keep me from the next big thing or a slumping player like a Cliff Floyd or a Sexson. Not trying to turn this into a add drop question, but I am curious as to what his value really is? I know his only realy value is at C, but how deep is that value?

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 11:45 pm
by NikkiSixx
cordscords wrote:In the middle.

Should finish with a .280 BA, 15-20 HR.

Which is a steal at the catcher position considering where people took him.

I see him hitting more in the .270-.275 range with 15 HR's but .280 with 20 HR's is most certainly not out of the question.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 1:24 am
by cubs2238
I dropped Varitek when Willingham was on his tear b/c I'm in an 8 team league. Would you guys keep Willingham b/c of his ability to play more games than other catchers or just take the tried and true guy in Varitek as he is still on the WW? Just a quick question. Hope you guys don't mind.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 2:49 am
by pangbones
I agree that .275 is probably a bit more realistic. He's been in a terrible slump, and hopefully he'll get out of it soon. But as long as he's playing everyday, that is a big plus over most average catchers. 50-75 more at bats could make a big difference at a weak position.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 6:22 am
by d18Mike
It's as much an adjusment period as anything. Pitchers now know his relative strengths and weaknesses. Some decline from April was inevitable. But I agree with others above. His secondary and minor league numbers project .275ish. He was/is a huge bargin in my league where we carry 2 catchers.