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PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2003 6:23 pm
by Super GM
you lucky sob! :-D

*no offense*

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2003 10:26 pm
by stevelabny
im 5 points out of first.
ive been in 2nd almost all year behind either the guy in 1st or the guys whos now in 3rd.
they just flopped positions again at the beginning of the month.

these are the TWO new guys in my league. the rest of the regulars just rolled over and DIED for them at the draft. they let the newbies set inflatedprices, and never adjusted. i stuck with my usual strategy of "no stars, but great team" and havent made any trades.
and im contending, as usual. the newbies were both bat-heavy, pitching-light but then the league let them trade their way out of guy had soriano and arod as part of a stacked offense and traded arod for mussina and moyer. UGH. and i couldnt block the trades because i dont have any arods on my team.

with 8 days to go, i'm 5 points out.
im tied in Wins with the guy in 3rd overall, 3 wins behind first in wins (but last overall) and have a lot of starts next week
i'm ONE sb behind someone.
i'm tied in runs with someone.
and i'm .002 whip behind the guy whos in first overall.

so i could easily make up those 5 points if i can pass him in whip.
and i'll win the tiebreaker.

my problem is that hes still been taking points from other people due to his acquistions of pujols and vasquez

if i finish 2nd AGAIN itll be 3 of 4 years in 2nd (other year was a 1st)
and even more than normally, i will cry that this isnt my fault.
ive never seen such a bizarre draft and then others helping the lopsided teams get better. NEVER help a lopsided team

hoping for some big starts next week!