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PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2003 1:31 pm
by DK
i know how many he threw; i was in the mezzanine section. it was great...we were doing the wave and trying to make it last all through the section, and when it finally did we couldn't stop cheering for a minute and the players and other sections had no idea why. great moment.

back to livan:

after every inning after the 6th, we thought he would be gone. 138 is waaay too much. he only threw 6 pitches in the first, to give you the idea as to how many he threw afterward. mets lost. damnit! i hate mike stanton! props to todd zeile though.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2003 12:10 am
by Madison
Lol. <img src=/forums/images/smiles/kiss.gif> Hehe. :-D

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2003 9:51 am
by EugeneStyles
Snap wrote:I bet the old time pitchers are in heaven laughing at how we complain about today's pitchers and the number of pitches they throw. Not one of them could have pitched even 25 years ago.

I know *I* am. It's freakin' ridiculous. 100 pitches isn't a lot, but suddenly a guy throws another 30 and it's crazy, his arm's gonna fall off, he's ruined for the rest of the year.

I agree that you limit a guy's pitches whenever possible, save his arm, let him get some rest in. I don't agree when Dusty Baker leaves one of his starters in to pitch the ninth inning of a close game when Borowski is available (but mostly because I have him on one of my teams), but 130 pitches every once in a while isn't going to kill Livan Hernandez, any more than 120 is going to kill Mark Prior.