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Is anyone in the NFBC?

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Is anyone in the NFBC?

Postby norton17 » Sun Mar 11, 2007 2:30 pm

And if you are can you explain to me what the draw to it is.

I was just checking out the website and saw that if they got up to 375 guys they would payout 75%.

75% blows bad!

so 375 x $1300= $487,500
paying out 75%= $365,625
profit $121,875

I know they have to pay for conference rooms, etc but thats an awful lot of fees collected for the payout rate.

I've been trying to start a 100% payout , $500 league and can only get 8 guys but they can get 100's to sign up to steal their money??

Maybe I'm off base.

Someone who is in it, please explain it better too me so I can understand?
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Postby GrubNasty » Sun Mar 11, 2007 3:21 pm

I think this comes down to the 4 P's of marketing

Product: They have a product that insures fair play and payouts. The fee is pretty up front and im sure most people willing to toss out that kinda money for a league dont mind the winnings cut. Also the fact its a company backed product gives a more secure feeling.

Pricing: The 100% payout leagues around here surely win.

Promotion: They have national promotion. They are able to get lots and lots of people signed up and ready to play. The only promotion most of the 100% payout leagues do are on messageboard forums, or craigslist.

Placement or distribution: Their sales channels are really on a national level. They have drafts in 4 major cities Vegas, New York, Chicago, Tampa. Its a lot easier to find their big money game, than to find one individual wiling to do a 100% payout.

That said i still like and play the 100% payout leagues around herer. Although if i was willing to play higher stakes i think id like the security something like NFBC offers.
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Postby thinkspin » Sun Mar 11, 2007 8:35 pm

I have played since it's inception. I'll be in NY again this year.

The NFBC contest is not perfect, but it is the best contest of its kind. 1 in 375 chance of winning 100K.

Plus, if you are serious about fantasy baseball you have to believe that your odds are even better than that. Look at some of the profiles of the posters on THIS board and tell me how someone who has 3000+ posts is not serious about fantasy baseball!

Anyway, I don't play for the money. I am much more interested in the recognition and opportunity that would come with winning a contest of this kind.
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