Adam Wainwright.

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Question on Adam Wainwright

Post by derekbaldwin »

I didn't realize he would be starting for the Cards this year but I'm just wondering what you guys think of him.

I've asked a bunch of Card fans on their forums and they love him. I just added him, can you guys give me any objective info on this guy?
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Post by OneLoveBoomer »

He pitched great for me tonight, for sure.

Check out his ST stats. Best pitcher of the spring.
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Post by bigken117 »

Love him. Kept him in my 18 team league where we only get 5 keepers. Was highly thought of while a member of the Braves system.
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Post by koolhalfski »

The real deal.
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Post by thursday_13 »

I hear Carlos Beltran is a fan. (wink)
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Post by Members Only Jackets »

he's a poor mans' Macah owings...jk...but seriously, he's the real deal Holyfield.
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Post by thedude »

Not as talented as Reyes, but still a very good player. His prospect status was derailed by injury, but it seems as though he is now back on track. If he can stay healthy he should be a good starter.
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Post by cobbs87 »

He looked great. I was very impressed. I would've been interested to see who faired better if Papelbon had been starting.

Anyway yeah great late round pickup for anyone who got Wainwright. ;-D
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Post by raiderrob1616 »

i got wainwright in 1 of my 6 leagues, wish i had him in more
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