David Wright = Useless April (vent)

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David Wright = Useless April (vent)

Post by shaggyjb »

Anyone else going to put David Wright on the bench until he wakes up? He is currently the 17th ranked 3B and falling. His power numbers are absolutely non-existent (0 HRs, 4 RBIs) so far, and he is batting freakin' 5th! The overall league average is 7 RBIs. Guys like Rich Aurilia, Mike Lowell, Julio Lugo, etc are showing more power so far. People keep complaining about Chase Utley, but imo, Wright is having a worse start per draft position ratio. With his power outage spilling over from last year, I am seriously worried about when he is going to show some pop.
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Post by Pokeyouindaeye »

He batted 5th all of last year. That can't be part of the reasoning. He's just having a slow start to the season. If you move him now, you'll end up regretting it for the rest of the year.
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Post by MinorityAuthority »

In before the lock...

You should pick up Iwamura for Wright. He's overrated
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Post by jbones733 »

id be worried about Wright also, ever since that HR derby last year, his power has been non-existent
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Post by Yoda »

I have Wright and I am not worried at all. He is in a slump and as I've seen him do before, he will break out of it soon enough.
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Post by sadlyajetsfan »

wright went through huge 20somethin game slumps last year and if i remember correctly the end result wasnt too shabby
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Post by LiveForever »

sadlyajetsfan wrote:wright went through huge 20somethin game slumps last year and if i remember correctly the end result wasnt too shabby

He slumped all of the second half last season and has started this season in a power funk. Im worried to say the least.
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Post by Big Papi's Pimps »

I was planning on benching him tonight for Iwamura (who had good game), but I let Yahoo sucker me into starting him with their game preview article:

"David Wright has struggled since establishing a new franchise-record hitting streak, but a three-game series against one of his favorite opponents could get the young third baseman back on track.
... Wright is a career .387 (24-for-62) hitter with seven home runs and 22 RBIs in 16 games against Colorado. The Mets have won 11 of 16 games in the series since Wright's major-league debut in July 2004."
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Post by colt4523 »

I was offered Vlad for him at the beginning of the year, right now it looks like I should have taken him.

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