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Biggest steals in your drafts this year?

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Re: Biggest steals in your drafts this year?

Postby Rhydderch » Tue Aug 14, 2007 1:13 pm

In my competive 13 team auction league with 300 cap

Tim Hudson - 2
Ted Lily - 2
BJ Upton - 3
Victorino - 1
Fielder - 25

Too many guys were going for the high upside rookies (i.e. Gordon, Hughes, Bailey, Lincecum, etc) and the non sleeping sleepers (i.e. David Bush, Teahan, Beltre), they forgot about guys who had been around for a while.
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Re: Biggest steals in your drafts this year?

Postby Whisp » Tue Aug 14, 2007 7:07 pm

I'm "ripken" because i have the name ripken on yahoo
I had never done a draft or even a practice draft, nor had I heard of half these guys, literally. Like Morneau, Holliday, Hanley, Atkins, Vmart, and almost all closers, I just hadn't read up or watched much the last 10 years or so. With that in mind, and in hind sight, I can see that I didn't do all that well at drafting, but neither did my competition. Next year.. I swear, I will be a tough competitor in the draft!! ("Bad Dudes" is the team in 2nd place barely behind me)

1 Albert Pujols Huge
2 Chase Utley ripken
3 Ryan Howard A Big Deal
4 Johan Santana Bad Dudes
5 Alfonso Soriano G Funk Era
6 Alex Rodriguez Dirty South
7 Vladimir Guerrero Dirty South
8 David Ortiz G Funk Era
9 Jose Reyes Bad Dudes
10 Carlos Beltran A Big Deal
11 Miguel Cabrera ripken
12 David Wright Huge
13 Manny Ramirez Huge
14 Carlos Lee ripken
15 Carl Crawford A Big Deal
16 Chris Carpenter Bad Dudes
17 Travis Hafner G Funk Era
18 Derek Jeter Dirty South
19 Mark Teixeira Dirty South
20 Aramis Ramirez G Funk Era
21 Grady Sizemore Bad Dudes
22 Miguel Tejada A Big Deal
23 Joe Mauer ripken
24 Ichiro Suzuki Huge
25 Jimmy Rollins Huge
26 Derrek Lee ripken
27 Jake Peavy A Big Deal
28 Lance Berkman Bad Dudes
29 Roy Oswalt G Funk Era
30 Andruw Jones Dirty South
31 Roy Halladay Dirty South
32 Brian McCann G Funk Era
33 Garrett Atkins Bad Dudes
34 Carlos Zambrano A Big Deal
35 John Smoltz ripken
36 Victor Martinez Huge
37 Brandon Webb Huge
38 Jermaine Dye ripken
39 Francisco Rodriguez A Big Deal
40 Robinson Cano Bad Dudes
41 Chone Figgins G Funk Era
42 Mariano Rivera Dirty South
43 Billy Wagner Dirty South
44 Troy Glaus G Funk Era
45 Joe Nathan Bad Dudes
46 B.J. Ryan A Big Deal
47 Daisuke Matsuzaka ripken
48 Aaron Harang Huge
49 Brian Roberts Huge
50 John Lackey ripken
51 Vernon Wells A Big Deal
52 Jason Bay Bad Dudes
53 Adam Dunn G Funk Era
54 Jeremy Bonderman Dirty South
55 Hideki Matsui Dirty South
56 Matt Cain G Funk Era
57 Brett Myers Bad Dudes
58 Chipper Jones A Big Deal
59 Bobby Jenks ripken
60 Bill Hall Huge
61 Huston Street Huge
62 Dontrelle Willis ripken
63 Kenji Johjima A Big Deal
64 Mike Piazza Bad Dudes
65 Matt Holliday G Funk Era I got him straight up for Delgado, proposed by the other owner, 1st week of season
66 Ivan Rodriguez Dirty South
67 Dan Uggla Dirty South
68 Jered Weaver G Funk Era
69 Bobby Abreu Bad Dudes
70 Jason Schmidt A Big Deal
71 Hanley Ramirez ripken
72 Cole Hamels Huge
73 Scott Kazmir Huge
74 Johnny Damon ripken
75 Barry Zito A Big Deal
76 Justin Morneau Bad Dudes
77 Barry Bonds G Funk Era
78 Gary Sheffield Dirty South
79 Trevor Hoffman Dirty South
80 Ben Sheets G Funk Era
81 J.J. Putz Bad Dudes
82 Michael Young A Big Deal
83 Jonathan Papelbon ripken
84 Chris Ray Huge
85 Paul Konerko Huge
86 Carlos Delgado ripken
87 Felix Hernandez A Big Deal
88 Dan Haren Bad Dudes
89 Chad Cordero G Funk Era
90 C.C. Sabathia Dirty South
91 Rafael Furcal Dirty South
92 Francisco Cordero G Funk Era
93 Chris Young Bad Dudes
94 Julio Lugo A Big Deal
95 Delmon Young ripken
96 Nick Markakis Huge
97 Ryan Zimmerman Huge
98 Bob Wickman ripken
99 Scott Rolen A Big Deal
100 Jeff Francoeur Bad Dudes
101 Howie Kendrick G Funk Era
102 Pedro Martinez Dirty South
103 Tom Gordon Dirty South
104 Roger Clemens G Funk Era
105 Freddy Sanchez Bad Dudes
106 Brad Lidge A Big Deal
107 Corey Patterson ripken
108 Torii Hunter Huge
109 Matt Murton Huge
110 Jason Giambi ripken
111 Rocco Baldelli A Big Deal
112 Takashi Saito Bad Dudes
113 Alex Gordon G Funk Era
114 Jim Thome Dirty South
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