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Feedback I submitted to Yahoo regarding mobile compatability

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Feedback I submitted to Yahoo regarding mobile compatability

Postby cs3 » Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:50 pm

I just submitted the following letter to Yahoo Fantasy Sports via their "send feedback" option that is located at the very bottom of every Fantasy page.
I strongly urge others who have experienced similar problems to do so as well:

I have used yahoos site for several years and am currently in two Yahoo Fantasy Baseball leagues, commishing one of them.
Ive generally been happy with the site, and with the fact that its a "free" product.(obviously we as the customers are paying for the advertising, which is fine.)
HOWEVER i think there is room for huge improvement with the mobile compatibility of the website.
Note I am an android user so users of other platforms may not have my same perspective.

Simply put Yahoo's mobile compatibility is so awful that its not even worth doing anything other than simply checking my teams stats.... and sometimes even that is impossible for me.

take my example from today:
I checked the lineups on another website and realized that Lowrie was not playing for Boston, so i attempted to sub him out for Kelly Johnson.
I go to my team page and of course it freezes when the page finally loads. it always does this, 100% of the time. So i zoom in and out, refresh it a couple time, and finally the screen is useable.

And of course its stuck in Drag n Drop mode, even tho i last used it in Classic Mode, and even tho you cant even use drag n drop from a mobile device! Why even have drag n drop as an option for mobile applications?

After 3 attempts to get it into classic mode i finally am able to open the position slider for Lowrie and KJ, and make the switch.
I scroll down and go to hit "submit" and guess what.. there is NO SUBMIT BUTTON! thats right, both tabs are listed as "cancel"
it looks like |CANCEL|....|CANCEL|

that was.... interesting.

so i have to refresh the page AGAIN, repeat the entire process because of course the screen locks up AGAIN, and of course its stuck in drag n drop AGAIN.

i finally get the changes all set, and the "submit" button is actually functional.
so i hit submit and...
it logs me out! ya, instead of submitting the changes, i was actually logged out of my fantasy account and taken to the login page.

and once again, you cant login from a mobile phone because the page freezes and the area where you need to enter your password is not even accessible. the
only way to log back in is to go to another Yahoo web site (like Yahoo mail) login there, then go back to your Fantasy team and hope you stay signed in.
At this point i had already spent literally 20 minutes trying to make one simple little change that should've taken less than 30 seconds, and i finally gave up.

A separate and less severe issue the fact that StatTracker is also unusable from a mobile device, as it generally will not load and when it does (maybe 5% of the time) it is impossible to do any the following:
1. see the entire screen
2. scroll around on the page, or even use the scroll bars
3. switch leagues
4. have it update stats without freezing
5. switch to game info or play by play

Does Yahoo have any plans to release an Android app, or at least fix the existing mobile issues so that users like me can enjoy your product?
i would appreciate feedback, and welcome any questions you may have for me.
Thanks for your time,

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Major League Manager

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Re: Feedback I submitted to Yahoo regarding mobile compatabi

Postby cs3 » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:59 pm

Am i the only one one who has experienced these problems when trying to use Yahoo Fantasy via phone?
Is it just an android problem?
Iphone users want to comment?
Major League Manager
Major League Manager

Posts: 1163
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