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Most overrated player in drafts?

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Postby DKippin » Thu Mar 20, 2003 5:52 pm

Overrated!?!?!? I won't bore anyone with the stats, but he is clearly the league's best OF by a fair margin...his positioning makes him slightly less valuable than A-Rod, but Vlad is the best all-around player in MLB...
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Postby Yankee715 » Thu Mar 20, 2003 6:53 pm

Aramis Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins were drafted in the 5th round. I think that was really early
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Postby rotisseriking » Thu Mar 20, 2003 7:03 pm

We had a guy last night draft basically an all latino team. The best part was giving him crap all night :-)

Rolen went for $28 which in my mind is insane. I guess a couple of the homers here in town went crazy. I paid $35 for Pujols and $27 for Soriano, I don't think Rolen's that good.
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Postby AntLive » Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:01 pm

In one of my leagues. 12 team 6X6 ROTO snake draft.
Lowe in the 1st
Gagne and Piazza in the 2nd
Smoltz and Glavine in the 3rd
Durham and matsui in the 4th
Ventura and Cameron in the 6th
Phelps in the 7th
D. Lee in the 8th
Burks in the 9th
Sanders in the 12th

Now you may say what's the big deal to some of these, but you should see who they were taken in front of.
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Postby drunkenmonkey » Sun Mar 23, 2003 3:23 pm

Anyone else?
It's time to roll the dice.
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Postby chinch sacs » Sun Mar 23, 2003 4:06 pm

hudson left the board in a 10 team league early in the 2nd round... i think thats early, he was taken before players like beltran, abreu, jeter... im not so sure on that pick
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Postby wrveres » Sun Mar 23, 2003 8:09 pm

I have seen Gagne go in the first round in a couple of draft's.
That's insane. A relief pitcher can never pitch enough innings to help in anything but 1 category. And Beside's. There are so many Closer's on the DL that you could fill a whole team late ... oops better be quiet about that.

On to Bust's

Espn Live Draft has em like this:

Gagne: 34th
Prior: 35th

But yet:

Smoltz 37 (NL record for saves, and a Cy Young to his name. No other closer can say that. But a nobody closer is always picked ahead of him.)
Madduz 41 (no comment needed)
Bagwell 46
Wood 54
Williams 76?

It Just goes to show you what kind of hype can be built around a player. Fantasy veteran's know better. Based upon this info I would call Greg, Jeff, Kerry and Bernie .. sleepers.

Bust of the year
.. Gagne.
Player who .. no way in hell .. repeat's last years performance
.. Lowe.
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Postby Jack-In-A-Box » Sun Mar 23, 2003 8:27 pm

well i know this will sound as crazy as when i saw it happen. 1st rd and i kid you not.. Brandon Larson. H2H 10 team non keeper. Same guy 2nd round. T.Walker. He wasnt there at the start of the draft but had ranked those guys way up there cause he went to school with both those guys and feels they are going to be huge. He then went on to have the worst team in our league.
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Postby sinicalypse » Mon Mar 24, 2003 8:07 am

despite being a happy schilling owner last season, well, until sept anyways... i think schilling isn't going to have as studly a year as he did last year. i've seen him go as high as #3, before a-rod and vlad, which to me is basically insane.

i saw derek lowe go in the first round today.,, to a team named DLOWE.

johnny damon in round two.

bret boone, when taken before jeff kent.

paul loduca in round 2-3.

and i think miguel tejada is going a little too high this year.

and hey, for what it's worth, i've taken prior in the third round (after johnson/schil/pedro/zito/oswalt were gone). i fully admit to being on the bandwagon, but i think this kid's the real deal. he's on point this spring already, so i think it's smooth sailing from here, with less of mister pitch count to be a hinderance.
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Postby Guest » Mon Mar 24, 2003 11:59 am

I had the unfortunate distinction of drafting last in a league where both Barry Bonds and Randy Johnson slipped to 6th and 7th in the draft. I was creaming for them to get to me when people were passing them up so early, but I had no chance in hell of getting them. Still, that was way too late for a league where OPS and Ls count, since Bonds and Randy are probably number 1 and 2 in those style leagues.

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