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Most overrated player in drafts?

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Postby B Dizzle » Tue Mar 25, 2003 2:14 am

Eckstein - 5th round
Mussina - 2nd round
Glaus - 2nd Round
Nomar & Jeter - 11th and 13th pick overall, respectively.
Mark Prior for MVP
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Postby McGill » Tue Mar 25, 2003 4:38 am

Mak Prior was picked in th 2nd round in our league. B-)

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Postby dkemp28 » Tue Mar 25, 2003 1:25 pm

Round 1: Griffey (6th pick)
Round 2: Torii Hunter (17th pick)
Any Round: Derek Lowe

Here were some relative bargains:
Round 17: Preston Wilson (165th pick)
Free Agent: Carl Crawford and J. Santana (until they brought in the gambler). I really think Crawford could put up 40-50 steals with better RBI, Runs, AVG, OBP, and SLG than a Roger Cedeno type. With Vaughn gone in Tampa, Crawford will get a chance to play.

Round 10: Juan Gonzalez (95th pick)
Round 12: Odalis Perez (120th pick)

Is Perez a fluke (did the Braves know something we don't) or is his ridiculous WHIP (less than 1.00) worth taking a chance on? And Gonzalez, well, the guy had 101 RBI before the break a few years ago. I'm willing to gamble on that with the 95th pick.

And where's the hype for Delgado in non AVG leagues?[/b]

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Postby Guest » Wed Mar 26, 2003 2:45 am

In a 16-team league, one guy picked Ramon Ortiz in the 1st round (14th pick overall). Huh?! Then he picked Benito Santiago in the 7th round (110th pick overall). His team has 7 of 16 players 35 years old or older.

Another guy picked Jeff Cirillo in the 7th round (111th pick overall--right after Santiago went). It was ugly.

On the bright side, I got Brian Giles with the last pick of the 4th round (64th pick overall).

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Postby Andy1234 » Wed Mar 26, 2003 3:10 am

I did two drafts and Sosa went #3 in both. And ahead of Vlad in both. To me that is way too high for Sosa, and I'm a Big Cub Fan.

Others that I thought were too high:

Beltran in round 1--I got him in the 6th round in my other draft, these are both extreme, I think 3rd is good for him.

Alomar in round 2--Maybe last year but this was crazy, I got him in round 8 in my other league ( I think that was too high)

Colon in round 2--and round 3 in the other--6th pitcher taken in both

Prior in round 3--both drafts

Glavine in Round 3

Womack and Juan Gonzalez in round 4

Griffey Jr. and Byrd in round 5

This one takes it I think--Toby Hall in round 6

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Postby Andy1234 » Wed Mar 26, 2003 3:14 am

All of the Above were for 12 team leagues.

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