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How to improve this team??? 14 team HTH pretty long...

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How to improve this team??? 14 team HTH pretty long...

Postby jsuga22 » Tue Apr 27, 2004 10:05 am

My team is pretty good and right now i have the 2nd most points in the league but my record is 9-12... its head to head in which you play 7 games a week... solely based on Total points... Pretty simple point system... singles 1, doubles 2 etc... rbi 2, runs 1, SB 2, BB 1...

power and pitching are very important
wins are 12, QS 5, K 1, Saves 10, appereance is 1, ER -1 etc... thats the majority of points

Its a 14 team league we start 13 guys on offense and 9 pitchers either starters or closers

I just made a move and got zito for Rolen... now I am thinking of trading BONDS... here is what I would get... Huff... who could either play 3B or RF for me... Izzy step in at pitcher... and micheal young to replace hudson at 2nd... I would also give up westbrook who i just picked up... Olerud who would be on the bench when tex comes back (and there are some CI on the WW david bell, chad tracey etc...) and orlando hudson who would no longer do anything for me with young at second...

Basically bonds for huff, izzy, and young.

we also keep 8 guys so my keepers would then be ...
Milwood, oswalt, wood, zito, izzy, huff, Arod, and Tex as of right now
here is my team as it stands now...

C Phillips
1B Tex
2B Hudson
SS ARod or Crosby
MI Kaz
3B Munson or Arod
CI olerud, munson or erstad
LF Bonds
CF Bradley
RF Bautista or Larry walker when healthy
DH Phelps
DH Shannon stewart

P Wood
P Oswalt
P Zito
P milwood
P Nathan
P Boroski
P Jerome Williams
P Eric Milton
P Matt Clement

Bench P
P Oliver Perez
P Nate Robinson
P Jason Davis
P Vogelsong
P Jeff Weaver
P Jake Westbrook
P Dan Haren
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Postby Absoluterain » Tue Apr 27, 2004 2:27 pm

Thanks for your comments on my team...they will help...

Im new to the fantasy baseball thing but follow baseball very closely...You seem to have a very well rounded team...

My only comments would be that you are placing a lot of confined into Nathan, though he has assumed the closing role in minnesota and is expected to become premeir there with about 40 saves he still has not proven himself...I would personally trade either a couple 2nd teir pitchers or a combination of a pitcher and a batter for a proven closer...possibly even A. Banetiz...I was unimpressed last year but he looks strong this year and the coaching staff has a lot confidence in him...They are brining him in for save opportunities when the pitchers are still pitching strong to build his confidence...
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Postby jsuga22 » Tue Apr 27, 2004 2:45 pm

Thanks for the response as well. I am putting a lot of faith in borowski and Nathan and neither might be the closer by the all star break but that was a risk I took....

The big thing in my league with having all the second tier pitcher is for double start weeks. In a head to head weekly league where your lineups are set... double starts are very important.

Yea I would love to get a guy like benitez but right now his value is as high as it will ever be. I try to go after guys like zito when their value is low. But point well taken. and again thanks for the response
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