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Theyre about as misleading as most stock brokers/brokerages
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Re: ohhh

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Madison wrote:
Pedantic wrote:
JOEG wrote:I was getting ready to say every morning in the shower.........

Drain babies

Dear God, I have to admit, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the title. :-D

The title caught my attention as well. Glad to see that it's a baseball question. ;-D

As JOEG said above, it's a bit early for checking splits. If there's anything I use right now for splits it's how my pitchers have done in certain ballparks in their career. Hitters, I don't really worry about it. B-)

Jeez, Mad! Can I ever get a word in before you write everything I was planning on writing?! :-P :-D
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Splits say Mitre can't pitch to the Cubs. I start him anyway. Ouct.
Granted things don't always go the way of the splits. So, I don't use them unless I have to a make a tough decision. Player A versus Pedro or Player B in COL and both players have to average players. I don't use splits on top tier guys - AROD plays everyday even though he is killing my team.
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