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jose "kidd" vidro

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2004 6:46 pm
by sinicalypse
pardon my lame 80s saturday morning cartoon reference.

i've got jose vidro on one of my fledgling teams (10/12) and i got to thinking about it... is there really any compelling reason to hold on to him? i think i could pull a platoon/rotisserie on the position and match one of his down-year outputs.

see while vidro is a perennial .310+ hitter, at the same time, his power is 15-20 and his rbi output seems to fluctuate from 65-100 RBIs.

he's had good seasons like .320/24/98, but he's also gone .315/15/65. kidd vidro doesn't steal either.

the expos offense is so bad that i wonder if his RBI and runs total is going to go down, while you can pencil him in for ~15 HRs, if he was like .307/16/67 at the end of the year, it wouldnt be a surprise... and what i'm thinking is that i might be better suited to roto the position until i can come up with someone who holds it, or i can try to trade for the position (but a 10th place team typically doesnt have much excess to trade without potentially compromising another position's production) and shoot, the way my team is set up, i've only got 4 steals as it is, and i need a shot in the arse for steals, so if i can convert 2B to a steals position from one where i was looking for competent guaranteed offensive production, that might help me out more going down the stretch.

so does anyone think that jose vidro is a name worth holding on to, or is he expendable as the expos seem to be horrible this year and the offense is a joke on the level with everyone's favorite wallbanging mets?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:00 pm
by warrick95
I think he's definitely worth hanging onto, because of the position scarcity at 2B, to say the least. Look at the 2Bs you have available.

Outside the obvious...


What do you have?

Loretta? (less unheralded version of Kidd Vidro, actually, but I'd rather have the surer thing in Jose)
Durham? (slowing down...injuries are killing him now)
M. Young?
Castillo? (steals have gone way down. hip is hurting)

I'd rather have Vidro anyday. I love high average guys. In addition, Jose was playing hurt last year for part of the season.

Really, how much worse can the Expos' lineup be? They're getting some bats back (Everett, Johnson) and I expect some of their other hitters to slowly pick it up. Now's really not the time to sell. What are your platoon options for 2B?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:04 pm
by sinicalypse
well right now i also have marlon anderson on my team, and while the odds are very against him keeping up a .300/4/8/2 type monthly pace like he has now, he's clearly done more than vidro.

i'm just afraid of cutting him outright, for if he gets mildly hot i'll feel like a dumbarse, but then again, well, how many 1-4 with 0 runs and 1 rbi games can i take as a good night before i realize i'm condeming my team to a slightly above average 2b?

i dunno how many studs there are at 2B, but hell, todd walker would be a much better player to have than the kidd, right?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:07 pm
by warrick95
Trust me, you can do far worse than Vidro. Personally, I would pay a fairly decent amount for him in any league.

Isn't Walker platooning? I'd rather have Vidro by quite a bit.

Dropping him outright would be awful. You can at least trade him for something. Personally, I've never liked running platoons or riding hot hands, because I like to know what sort of production I'll be recieving. I'm the more conservative type, I assume, but if you're cool with using Marlon/Todd/etc. it could be worth a shot. I'd give it a while longer before calling it quits on Vidro...this is coming from a dude who owns RAY DURHAM at me, you can do worse. :-b