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Which closer to trade for?

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Which closer to trade for?

Postby go vlad » Mon Mar 24, 2003 1:28 pm

In 10 team 5X5 Yahoo league.

I'm looking at 3 teams that have 3 closers and questionable SP. Like Benitez (team A) and Nen (team C). I'm thinking owners will ask the world for Gagne and M. Rivera. Who should I try to get? More importantly, which pitching stud should I trade?

Also want to land an OF from Team A (Manny) or C (Berkman or Ordonez) for 2 OF. Don't have a star OF.

I usually like to see all the teams on one page for comparison purposes. Hopefully it'll help you as well. :-)

My Team-------------Team A------------Team B----------Team C

U-Vidro---------------Sexson----------- Bagwell-----------Burks
B-Jeremy Giambi

SP-Schilling----------Morris-------------Odalis Perez------Halladay

Waiting on J.Vazquez for Groom to go through WW. Ideally I'd like to trade Encarnacion(don't want 3 players from the same team), Mondesi, Salmon but any OF is fair game. Looking to unload Mondesi if there are any takers (if not then could drop him for Huff, Payton or a pitcher like Kline, Veres, Fossum, Lilly, Romero)

I think Team C is the most attractive because i could possibly get Berkman or Ordonez in a blockbuster. He could use an extra OF. I think Team A needs the most pitching help.

Benitez straight up for SP? and Berkman or Ordonez for Salmon and Encarnacion or Mondesi.

Or maybe Nen and Berkman for a SP, Salmon, Encarnacion and RP or Mondesi. Fair?

I'd like to hear what the shrewd deal makers can whip up bc I'm sure that you can see a deal that I haven't thought of. Go ahead, go on, please talk amongst yourselves. Come on, lay it on me. I can handle it. :-D
go vlad

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Postby rowedawgg » Mon Mar 24, 2003 2:02 pm

Either team would be stupid to trade Manny, Berkman or Mags for Salmon and Encarnacion. But then again I might be overestimating your league. Give it a try... but that owner would be laughed out of my league...

If you can, I would CANCEL vasquez for groom.... groom will never get saves and doesnt pitch enough to have an effect on ERA or whip. Vasquez should have a great season after his first week on the DL.

You have no offnese to give up besides Piazza and I would hold onto Kearns, he might be your only hope. You have to trade starting pitching. Get Nen for one of your starters like Mussina or Buerhle, then maybe try to trade another Star PItcher and Salmon for a star OF....
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Postby GUEST » Mon Mar 24, 2003 2:44 pm

here's what i see....

team C won't be doing to much with you...they seem to have a good pitching balance and in hitting, there's no point in talking with them, they will want schilling or piazza to improve and you can't give them up.

team B has bagwell on their bench so he might be obtainable for one of your pitchers...

team A is who you want to attack...jeter would improve your SS position, griffey you might get for cheap now depending on how he is rating him...(barring his injuries but i'd play that off to obtain him) but have milton still in his line-up and really no strength at pitching would be where to attack...i'd try this...

put 2 pitchers together like BUEHRLE and OSWALT/HUDSON and HERNANDEZ...for...JETER, GRIFFEY, and BENITEZ...if this doesn't work take BAEZ...
if he's high on griffey that only because of the spring but try to play off by throwing his injuries into the mix...JETER will better you by far and getting BENITEZ will help your scenario as well, baez will help and i'd do it if it would make the deal only because you can afford it in the pitching area. you'll still have 3 SOLID starters in schilling, mussina, and oswalt/hudson(whichever you dont give up). remeber there are always others to grab as the season starts...

then you have a STUD C, (1B..try and get bagwell), 2B is okay, STUD SS, STUD 3B, griffey will help your outfield and you can work the other 2 in. pitching will be your STUD 3 plus williamson and benitez/baez and you'll have villa' for now and mix a few more in. THAT SHOULD SOLIDIFY YOUR TEAM...

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Postby govlad » Mon Mar 24, 2003 7:08 pm

Guest, I like your thinking except I didn't want to take a chance on Junior. Might come back and bite me. IF he had another OF other than Manny than I would have done it. Unless you think Nixon would offer good value in the trade.

I offered Buehrle for Nen. If not then I'll try for Benitez. Also offered Hudson and Encarnacion for Abreu to another team. We'll see how it goes.

I'm 9th on the waiver ranking so doubt I'll get Vazquez. I'm hoping the others aren't awake yet.

If not then I'll do the griffey deal.

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nen for oswalt

Postby govlad » Tue Mar 25, 2003 1:31 pm

Guy wants oswalt. Fair trade? Is nen's injury a concern at all? Thanks ;-D

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