Pujols and Morris for Gonzales and Glaus

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Pujols and Morris for Gonzales and Glaus

Post by timkell »

Hi all,

I've been offered Luis Gonzales and Troy Glaus for Pujols and Matt Morris.

Here's my roster:
Piazza, Mike C C Active
McGriff, Fred 1B 1B Active
Kent, Jeff 1B,2B 2B Active
Pujols, Albert 1B,OF,3B 3B Active
Rodriguez, Alex SS SS Active
Dunn, Adam 1B,OF OF Active
Klesko, Ryan 1B,OF OF Active
Walker, Larry OF OF Active
Cameron, Mike OF U Active
Tomko, Brett P P Active
Johnson, Randy P P Active
Morris, Matt P P Active
Gagne, Eric P P Active
Sabathia, C.C. P P Active
Beckett, Josh P P Active
Nen, Robb P P Active
Pierzynski, A.J. C C Reserve
Kearns, Austin OF OF Reserve
Drew, J.D. OF U Reserve
Hernandez, Orlando P P Reserve
Wickman, Bob P P Reserve
Hernandez, Carlos E. P P Reserve

Here's his roster:
Duca, Paul Lo C,1B,OF C Active
Karros, Eric 1B 1B Active
Vidro, Jose 2B 2B Active
Glaus, Troy 3B 3B Active
Rollins, Jimmy SS SS Active
Jones, Andruw OF OF Active
Dye, Jermaine OF OF Active
Gonzalez, Luis OF OF Active
Alfonzo, Edgardo 2B,3B U Active
Ishii, Kazuhisa P P Active
Sele, Aaron P P Active
Lawrence, Brian P P Active
Graves, Danny P P Active
Oswalt, Roy P P Active
Guardado, Eddie P P Active
Person, Robert P P Active
Casey, Sean 1B 1B Reserve
Griffey, Ken OF U Reserve
Miller, Wade P P Reserve
Armas, Tony P P Reserve
Foulke, Keith P P Reserve
Perez, Odalis P P Reserve

CBS Sportsline 10 Team MLB head to head. Total points are all that matters. Hardly any negative points. Other than hits, runs and walks by pitchers.

I like what I'm getting, but can I afford to lose Morris? He is my number two. Maybe I should switch it up to get a pitcher back, but I'm not real high on anyone on his staff. He's offering because he clearly needs another pitcher, so I don't think I could get Person or Oswalt from him. He needs Pujols if he gives me Glaus. Who would you rather have, Pujols or Glaus? Gonzales seems to be heating up, and he will make my outfield look nice, allowing me to move Klesko to either 1b or OF, depending on who's hot among McGriff, Drew, Cameron or Kearns. I'd probably have to trade or waive one of them to get another pitcher.

Ruben Quevedo is available on waivers and he's been pitching real well the last month. Would you waive any of these guys for Quevedo, after the trade?

Tons of questions, but I appreciate any help!
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Post by Arlo »

The quick answer: I don't really like this trade.

The longer version: I actually like Pujols a bit more than Glaus, although it's close, especially with points scoring. Glaus tends to be streakier than Pujols, however, so - in h2h - I'd prefer Pujols if my team is near the top of the standings, and Glaus if you're not as good as some of the other teams and could profit from a higher random factor in your games.

Your pitching looks very good, but you have a lot of injuries and other question marks. After the Big Unit, Morris is your most dependable starter; I think you'll sleep easier with him in your rotation. Without a tried and true #2 sp, you might find yourself performing a juggling act for the rest of the season if something goes wrong with any of your other guys.

And I like Gonzalez - a lot, in fact - but with Kearns and Drew on your bench, you don't need him as much as you do Morris. You can still rotate Klesko and McGriff (and Dunn) with your current lineup; Gonzalez would give you a bit more flexibility, but not all that much in terms of improved stats. You're certainly getting equal player value in this offer, but with this configuration, I think it would work against you.

Quevedo is indeed intriguing. I'd say he's comparable with El Duque or Carlos Hernandez right now, although each has a different type of risk. Who to choose is basically a matter of taste; in h2h, I'd drop Carlos Hernandez for Quevedo on a hunch.

What would really look good is if you could acquire Gonzalez by trading either Hernandez plus one of your lesser of's, and then grab Quevedo to fill your free roster spot...

Hope this helps!
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Post by timkell »

Perfect advice, Arlo. That's how I felt, but you always need an outside opinion. The last few weeks have just been a real struggle with Beckett really ticking me off. Now it sounds like he'll be out for a month. I can't get over it. BLISTERS!!!!!

With Beckett out, I'd be crazy to give up Morris, unless I got a reliable starter back.

Thanks for the advice!
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Post by Arlo »

Sure thing - hope it's the right call. Beckett's driving me up the wall, too. Yeech, try a different dishwashing solution...

If it's any consolation to Beckett owners in keeper leagues, the image that's been in my mind through all this blister business is that of a young Mets pitcher by the name of Nolan Ryan sitting in the locker room with his hand immersed in a jar of pickle juice... That kid got over those troubles; let's hope Beckett does too.
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