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I just realized.....

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Postby Irish » Mon Jun 28, 2004 2:41 pm

Super GM, where did all your pitchers go???
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Postby Irish » Mon Jun 28, 2004 2:50 pm

oh wait, i had em switched.... I like your current team much more, good job.
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Postby Super GM » Mon Jun 28, 2004 2:51 pm

Irish wrote:Super GM, where did all your pitchers go???
Most of them sucked, so I either traded them away or dropped em.

I traded

Mark Mulder and Kevin Millwood


Kerry Wood and Roy Oswalt

I also picked up Jamie Moyer off waivers, Tom Glavine as a FA,

Traded Moises Alou, Brett Myers (who I picked up as FA) and Hank Blalock


Mark Prior, Eric Chavez and Marquis Grissom

I found Takatsu and Lidge on the WW/FA.

I upgraded my staff pretty well huh?
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Postby Melo255 » Mon Jun 28, 2004 3:00 pm

I think my team might take the cake. I took over for a guy who drafted his team and then went away to college and couldn't play. My friend asked me to take over and I thought it would be fun to take over a team that I thought needed some serious improvement.
March 26th traded away Beltran and Millwood for Vlad and Beckett. April 10th traded away Posada, Riske, Reyes, Kaz and Pedro for A-Rod, Crawford, Pierzynski, Oswalt, Borowski. May 9th traded away Giambi, Dye, Benitez and Beckett for Beltran, Sweeney, Baez and Padilla. May 22nd traded away Edmonds and Crawford for Giambi and Pierre. June 2nd traded away A-Rod, Pierre, Sweeney, Loretta, Odalis and Kolb for Lowell, Young, Reyes, Pedro and Foulke. I've picked up and traded/kept Benitez, Kolb, V-Mart, Nathan, Burrell, Kaz, Dye, Affeldt, Vidro and Huff off waivers during the season. Sosa was taken in a draft of a team that wasn't active anymore if you see what I'm saying. So far I have 98.5 points and am easily in 1st. 2nd place has 75 points.

Current team:

C - V-Mart
1B - Huff
2B - Vidro
3B - Rolen
SS - Young
IF - Lowell
OF - Vlad, Beltran, Sosa
Util - Carlos Lee
BN - Giambi, Burrell, LeCroy
SP - Pedro, Vazquez, Oswalt, Pavano, Leiter, Webb
RP - Foulke, Nathan, Affeldt

Original drafted team:

C - Posada
1B - Giambi
2B - Castillo
3B - Rolen
SS - Furcal
IF - Durazo
OF - Beltran, Lee, Edmonds
Util - Encarnacion
BN - Winn, Guzman
SP - Pedro, Vazquez, Millwood, Santana, Odalis, Redman, Batista, Lilly, Vic Zambrano
RP - Cormier
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Postby bjm97 » Mon Jun 28, 2004 3:24 pm

My brother who is a great negotiator but before this season didn't follow any baseball aside from occassional Red Sox game asked me to tweak his teams. Both our 10 team H2H non keeper leagues with about 20 cats in each. Here is what we started/ended with through trades, WW/FA, add/drops... I am fairly happy with my teams now and am looking to move a top bat in the second league for a stud closer I think.


C Lopez
1 Millar
2 Soriano/Alomar
SS Tejada
3 Chavez/Rolen
OF (3x) Gibbons, Mora, Grissom
Util Rolen
BN R Alomar
BN J Gonzalez
BN J Jones
BN Ensberg

SP Prior, Ponson, Willis, Wells, Peavy, Pavano
RP Percival, Julio, Nathan, F Rodriguez, Valverde

C J. López
1B A. Huff
2B A. Soriano
3B S. Rolen
SS M. Tejada
OF C. Beltrán
OF L. Berkman
OF M. Ramírez
Util M. Cabrera
BN J. Dye
BN T. Hunter
BN L. Overbay (Mil - 1B)

SP- C Zambrano, Hudson DL, Oliver Perez, Prior, Santana, Webb, Burnett, Carpenter
RP Kolb, Rivera, Lidge, Percival, Affeldt

Team 2

C LeCroy
1 Green
2 Durham
SS Arod
3rd Chavez
OF (3x) Sosa, Mags, Giles,
Util J Guillen
BN Gibbons
BN Teixeira
BN-O Cabrera
BN M Ensberg
BN Klesko

SP Oswalt, Mulder, K Brown, Willis, Contreras, Pavano
RP Borowski, F Cordero, Nen

C- Lopez
1st Overbay
2nd Soriano
3rd Arod
SS Nomar
OF- Berkman, Giles, Ichiro
Util Teixeira
BN- Green
DL- Mags/E Chavez

SP Mulder, Oswalt, Schmidt, Wolf, Burnett, Contreras, Pineiro, Wakefield
RP F Cordero, Graves, Wagner, DL- Affeldt
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