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PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2004 11:42 am
by Lofunzo
Amazinz wrote:
Lofunzo wrote:Did he happen to mention why he traded his 1 big chip for a guy who is their #5 starter?? 8-o

Peterson. Now the Mets have someone else to blame if this blows up. Peterson was heavily involved in the decisions. - They aren't ready to write off the season, especially in a division as winnable as the East. Pitching coach Rick Peterson, who was an extremely influential force in both deals, believes he can build the Mets staff the way he built a staff in Oakland and Howe concurs.

The thing is that I don't see any of Zito, Mulder, or Hudson, let alone all 3 on the Mets' staff. 8-o

PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2004 11:45 am
by Amazinz
Lofunzo wrote:The thing is that I don't see any of Zito, Mulder, or Hudson, let alone all 3 on the Mets' staff. 8-o

No not yet anyway, LOL. As a Mets fan I am just hoping maybe Peterson is smarter than everyone else and Benson and Zambrano really are aces waiting to be shaped. If not well then it's just more of them same. :*)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2004 12:47 pm
by doug e
"Seriously, how do any of the teams inolved in the deal (Boston's not alone in this) let Chicago get away with giving up NOTHING? Guzman or Pie or someone decent should have went to Minny. Major screw-up by the other three teams in letting Chicago off the hook so easily. My cap is tipped to you, Mr. Hendry. "

I think that the rest of MLB thinks that the Cubs are a charity case or something. Does anyone remember that trade Pittsburgh made with the Cubs last year?? I wish I could pull off trades like these in my fantasy leagues. Let's see, I'd like Nomar and Aramis Ramirez for some cheesey poofs, please? I'd be cussed out five hundred different ways by my league. Better yet, why couldn't Arizona ship Randy to St Louis for a scrub from the minors, and have two or three other teams kick in the rest of the players? :-B

You know, I thought the Dodgers made a horrible trade (by breaking up their team chemistry), but I'll give them credit because there was an exchange of major league talent in that trade. On second thought, I will give the credit to the Cubbies, because they've got the rest of baseball feeding them like an old man feeding the pigeons in central park.