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My defense mechanism to opponents filling up on pitching.

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Postby davus » Thu Sep 30, 2004 6:20 pm

LBJackal wrote:
davus wrote:That's fine if you want to play that way. I'm just saying that you Yahoo probably would consider you in violation of the rules and if someone complained you might get a nasty-gram or even your account nuked.

eMail them and ask.... if you're SOLE PURPOSE is not to harm another team, it's perfectly fine. Obviously if you're doing it so you win your H2H matchup, that's not for the SOLE PURPOSE of hampering somebody else.

That's for Yahoo public leagues though - I don't know many people who are in public leagues anymore. Private leagues have their own rules; if the commish was dumb enough to allow rotating multiple pitchers in and out every day, they might be dumb enough to allow churning (putting players on waivers so they can't be picked up).

Don't blame the people who exploit the rules, blame the people who left the rules exploitable.

Nah, I don't care that much about it to email them. :*)
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Postby bluefire7 » Sat Oct 02, 2004 7:11 pm

heh.. this situation is currently what i'm facing, but on the other side. originally my strat was to start only my closers, but since they all sucked at one point or another, my ERA rose to 8.94, the highest its ever been all season.. and it HAD to happen my championship round... sigh... along with that high era, i was down in walks innings and K's.

so when i saw that he sat randy johnson for his 2nd to last start, i decided fine, i'll just do the exact opposite of what i planned on (i can afford to since my hitting is destroying his) and beat him in innings and K's.

think this type of stacking is unethical?

well look what happened before right below before you say anything.. ... t=churning

btw, now he's catchin on and copying me.. he's got like 7 starters on sunday :-o

current score: he's up 9-8...
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