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Radical Strategy...Yes or No???

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Radical Strategy...Yes or No???

Postby birty74 » Wed Apr 23, 2003 8:50 am

A week and a half ago, my team was in first place in my 9-team Yahoo ML Universe League with a point total in the mid to high 140s.

I'm now at 119 in third place, and I'm thinking about employing a strategy now that I didn't plan to move to until mid-season if I was still struggling.

I know it's early, but I do not want to get buried statistically, and I truly feel that this is not a desperate measure.

I thought this team would be performing better by now, but it is faltering.

Here is my team:

C: Pudge
1B: Thome
2B: Durham
3B: Glaus
SS: ARod
OF: Sheffield
OF: Berkman
OF: Damon
Util: Mike Lowell
Reserves: Mike Matheny, Austin Kearns, Jose Cruz, Christian Guzman, Jose Valentin

6 Starting Pitchers: Mark Mulder, Matt Morris, Odalis Perez, Hideo Nomo, Ramon Ortiz, CC Sabathia

5 Closers: Billy Wagner, Keith Foulke, Danys Baez, Mike MacDougal, Scott Williamson

Our stats are: Offensive- R,H,2B,3B,HR,RBI, SB,BB,K,AVG,OPS Pitching- IP,W,L,CG,Sho,SV,H,ER,BB,K,ERA

What I'm thinking about doing is trading my two best pitchers (Morris and Mulder, in my opinion) for some more offensive fire power (not that I don't already have quite a bit). I believe if I trade well, I could put together a team that is totally dominant offensively.

Then I'm thinking about trading my mid-line starting pitching for several quality relievers.

In the end, I would build a team made up solely of relief pitchers and one open spot to rotate in a starting pitcher with a favorable matchup on a daily basis.

Right now, I'm sub-par in almost every pitching statistic, and my offensive numbers are dropping in the rankings (they were at the top for the first couple of weeks). By cutting out my starters and going with all relievers, I should rise to the top in these stats: L, SV, H, ER, BB. I also believe that this should keep my ERA down, as relievers tend to have lower ERAs compared to starters.

If I can do a good job choosing the starters that I rotate in and out of my roster, I believe that I may be able to keep myself up in Wins as well.

I've also considered keeping Morris and Mulder, and trading the rest of my starters for relievers, which I feel is a more conservative version of the above strategy.

Has anyone ever tried anything like this? Is this foolish this early in the season? Is this a more desperate move than I think?

I figure nines in five of 11 categories is better than threes and fours in all 11 categories.

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Postby msaint » Wed Apr 23, 2003 9:22 am


Disclaimer: I play in a HR-only league and while I'm admittedly not such an expert on pitching strategies, although I certianly know who all the top guys are, I think I'm fairly savvy (not to pat myself on the back) when it comes to power guys and offense. And after reading this, my first reaction was: two guys who you were counting on, Thome and, especially, Berkman, are underperforming, as you know.

As such, I'd stand pat and wait for those guys to come around, because you won't get guys with much higher upside than them in a trade for Morris and Mulder, in my opinion. And when they come back to form, it'll be like getting two "new guys" without depleting your starters. Did that make sense? Not sure if it did, but bottom line, I wouldn't panic yet. You have a solid team which'll only get better when Thome and, mostly, Berkman snap out of their funks. And even for someone who doesn't play in a very complicated league, that strategy seems pretty risky/radical this early in the season. Just my 2¢....good luck. ;-D
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Postby John Bonzo » Wed Apr 23, 2003 9:50 am

why isnt Kearns in your utility spot yet? I suggest adding him to Util, and hang low for a while...its still april, and 3rd place isnt a bad spot to be
John Bonzo
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Postby Josh » Wed Apr 23, 2003 10:00 am

I too would stand pat, you have a very solid team. Pitching is a little iffy after morrie and hudson, but still decent. Berkman, Durham and Co will come around, dont worry.
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Postby birty74 » Wed Apr 23, 2003 11:33 am

I understand what you're all saying. It's early, I know.

It's been said my pitching's iffy after my two big guys, and that's my point exactly. When I drafted my pitching staff, I believed I had done a good job, but these guys are sucking big time.

Wouldn't it be better to lock up five categories and get nine points in each of them than to take it on the chin every time one of my starters takes the mound? The way these guys are pitching, I'm going to get pummelled in the positive pitching stats (Wins, Ks, Shutouts, Complete Games, Innings Pitched), and I'm also going to get pummelled in the negative stats (BB, ER, H, ERA, and Losses). At least with only relievers, I'll be bound to win BB, ER, H, Losses, and at least lower my ERA.

I know I've pretty much already gotten my answer, and I'm asking the same question above, but there's no way to improve this pitching staff beyond what it is by going out on the waiver wire. Trading will simply decimate my strength (offense).

I agree, my offensive studs will pick it up. But wouldn't it be cool to trade Morris for Tejada and stick him at the MI position, and get another stud outfielder by trading Mulder?

I'd be unbeatable offensively.

By the way, Kearns has been in my Utility slot for about two weeks now.

Thanks for the advice. Keep it coming. I'm not arguing with you. I just want to improve, and I'll do whatever it takes to win.

If sitting on my hands is what I need to do, I'll do it.

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Postby SoCalRebel » Wed Apr 23, 2003 4:16 pm

Its an intresting strat. One i think could work. However your team is already pretty nice. One that could win it, i think you just need a little SP help. I would explore moving somone for another starter, then letting them go for another month or two.
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Actually, I am employing that strategy this season

Postby DanteNoX » Wed Apr 23, 2003 4:58 pm

I'm in a Yahoo 20 Team H2H league. Me and a whole lot of friends, with a decent amount of $$ at stake. I like the big leagues a lot more, because it requires a knowledge of a much vaster portion of baseball (all of it) rather than just the guys who hit .300 and get 30 HRS (not saying smaller leagues dont, just that you dont get to use it).
Our stats are:
hitters - R / H / RBI / HR / SB / AVG
pitchers - W / S/ Holds / WHIP / k/9 / ERA

My hitting is good, considering the large league size.
C - Lieberthal
1b - Jason Giambi
2b - Marcus Giles
3b - Mark Bellhorn
SS - David Eckstein
LF - Randy Winn
CF - Bernie WIlliams
RF - Bobby Abreu
Util - Magglio Ordonez
Util - (whoever i pick up and is hot that week, currently Almonte)
Bench - Nothing to write home about.

Pitching i have Foulke, Julio, Romero, Remlinger as my main pitchers (u can start 5 pitchers a day, daily changes allowed). 2 solid closers and 2 of the best guys for getting holds. (all have good averages (era/whip/k/9) which is important for my league as well.)

With giving up on SP i got a great upgrade in hitting, and i only get a downgrade in 1 category! (wins). I hold my own or win with any team in holds/saves, and i always have great ERA/WHIP/k/9 because they are all average categories. My league is a bit diff. because it doesn't count innings pitched, or K as a totals category, so i jumped on it right away and got rid of all my SP for hitters. I managed to compile a good lot of great hitters (giambi, williams, abreu, ordonez), and when you consider how weak SP are overall, and the size of the league, i managed to have 3 hitters that went in the first round of my draft by giving up SP.

Right now im in the middle of the pack, but due to underperforming stars (giambi/abreu, magglio to a lesser extent). I'll start climbing the rankings starting this week, im very confident with the strategy.

Your league has a lot more categories, and giving up on SP seems to sacrifice a lot (i only lost 1/6 of my pitching categories), so idk if it would work for you, but i just wanted to let you know your not alone in thinking of that, so dont be too afraid to try it.

P.S>Your in third? That doesnt sound like the time to do anything too radical this early in the season.
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Postby The Jury » Wed Apr 23, 2003 5:57 pm

First off, give your time some time, you have a stacked hitting lineup that will produce. The reason that I think your team is struggling a bit with hitting is that those categories are highly strange and unpredictable, which is why not many leagues use them. What your categories say is that doubles are as good as homeruns since they're one category each, which is stupid.

Secondly, if you only respond in one way to this message, DO NOT DITCH YOUR PITCHING FOR HUGE HITTING AND THEN USE JUST RELIEVERS WITH THE ODD STARTERS HERE AND THERE. I've done that before for a whole season, and relievers are not reliable enough and they don't eat enough innings to keep you competitive in pitching or to keep your ERA and WHIP down. I had Dotel, JC Romero, Eric Gagne, and John Smoltz in my SP slots all year and it didn't work. Stay competitive in pitching and hitting, make some smart moves, and hope for the best.
The odds of the AL MVP coming from the American League are looking pretty good.
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Postby KDOGG » Wed Apr 23, 2003 7:28 pm

whoa turbo just sit tight your team is pretty damn good if you ask me and you'll be back in first by the all star break if you just hold on to what you got!
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Postby Guest » Thu Apr 24, 2003 8:49 am

i bet you could get a pretty good starter for jose cruz jr.

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