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Post by LumberJack5 »

Awesome. Ive been craving baseball since January. I cant wait.
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Post by GiantFan666 »

Yeah!!!! now I can hurry up and wait to draft... I try hard to wait until the last couple of weeks of spring training to draft so I don't get bit by too many spring-training injuries but its still nice to be able to sign up soon!!!
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Post by quietstorm »

Yahoo! (Sorry, bad pun.)
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Post by monster »

Rico The Retard wrote:The lord has saved his children ;-D

that's retarded, rico...i would never refer to a lawyer as "the lord"... :*) :-) :-D
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Roster Information: League Setup:
Yahoo Live Draft
Max # of Teams: 10
Max players on Team: 23
Player Universe: All Baseball
Max Moves: No Max
Max Trades: No Max
Scoring Type: H2H
Waiver time: 1 day
Trade Reject Time: 1 day
Last Trade Date: August 28th
Minimum Innings: 7
Roster Changes: Daily
Starting Positions: C,1B,2B,3B,SS,OF,OF,OF,UTIL,UTIL,SP,SP,RP,RP,P,P,P,P,DL,DL
Statistical Cats: Basic 5x5

Re: Yahoo Update..

Post by trevisc »

bryan1327 wrote:Sorry if this has been posted...I looked about and did not see it..

Play ball! Registration for Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball will begin shortly after midnight (ET) on Thursday, February 17.
• Play for free or step up to the majors with our PLUS game
• Run your league your way -- control scoring, rosters and more
• Public league options also available

Here we go!!

WOOHOO!!! That's 11pm my time!

;-D ;-D
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Beginner: No

Post by prodpaul »

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Post by nikku88 »

I'm most curious to see their rankings.. 8-o
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Post by kentx12 »

Yahoooooooo I cant wait. ;-D
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Roster Information: 12 team H2H league 9X9 (doubles, triples, holds, doubles, etc)

C Pudge
1B R Howard
2B R Weeks
SS J Lugo
3B A Ramirez
IF E Chavez
LF Markakis
CF Sizemore
Rf D Young
Of J Hamilton
UT Victorino
B A Gordon
B A Huff
B K Johnson
B B Butler


SP Dice-K
SP Hamels
SP R Hill
SP Wainwright
SP D Cabrera

RP K Rod
RP A Reyes
P Merdith
P R Soriano

DL Dotel

14 team league (H2H) (10x10) lots of cat's

C M Barrett
1B A Pujols
2B H Kendrick
SS M Young
3B A Ramirez
LF A Lind
CF J Hamilton
RF D young
OF W Taveras
UT P Fielder
UT C Quentin
B A Gordon
B C Crisp
B A Huff

SP B Webb
SP M Cain
SP E Santana
SP J Maine
SP J Shields

RP Papelbon
RP B Myers
RP Meridith
RP Soria
RP Neshek

Dl Zumaya

Post by jbones733 »

kudos to yahoo, that is sweet news, cant wait to get this stuff started
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Post by longbombers1 »

i'm not even a big yahoo player, i play pay leagues, but competition is competition, so lets play some ball! ;-D
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