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Re: Welcome to 2010

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emb0lus wrote:
oscar15 wrote:

Embolus - you didn't play in our league in 2008...are we like the ugly girl you keep on the side just in case? %-6

Third day - my team name is the result of a lost bet to Old_Style last year. Apparently, the consensus around here is that my participation in this league is futile.

Actually no, i just checked my yahoo profile and 2008 was the year i took off all fantasy baseball so i misspoke in the other post and only played with those 'other' guys for 3 seasons and this is my main league in fact I played no other ones last year. Oscar you are not futile, you are one of the few that have played in this league every year so you are like a founding father.

ughhh...that only makes it worse. I have played in the league every year and never finished in the top half! :-P
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