Waiver System

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Waiver system

Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB)
Normal Waiver System
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Waiver System

Post by TheRock »

Yahoo now offers a Free-agent acquisition budget. I've never used it, but how it should work is everyone gets a set amount of waiver money at the start of the season. Anytime a player is put on waivers (new add, or dropped), instead of putting in a claim, you put in a bid. Bids are blind, the highest bidder gets the player and pays that much from the waiver account. Run out of waiver $$ and I reckon you can only pick up free agents.

I've always liked the idea - everyone has a shot at every player to come through waivers. Or we can do the good old-fashioned waiver priority. Starts in reverse order of the draft, when you claim a player you move to the back of the line.
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Re: Waiver System

Post by thomasps3 »

I always kinda thought that FAAB was more suited for -only leagues, so I voted regular, but if everyone likes FAAB, then I am all for it...no biggie either way

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