2013 darft Analysis!

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Re: 2013 darft Analysis!

Post by rotoquest »

I can't answer all those questions, but I have to say I enjoyed the draft and everybody involved in it. Oopah actually helped out this draft by being at one of the ends. He delayed it perfectly about the same amount each day, so I always knew I was picking between 3-5 PM, and then about 11PM. The 2nd pick I did not like because since I had a heartattack a few months ago, the heart medication I take makes me really tired all the time. So, if anybody ever had to wait on me, I apologize, but I was probably asleep, but at least you'll know the reason for delay in the future.

Ok, the first thing that needs to be said is that in hindsight, foresight, sidesight, whatever sight…Teixeira was a poor pick. But whoever is without that sin, cast the first stone. I also want you to remember that for the month of April last year, I was running away with the league, and then my team was hit with 6 key injuries, Halladay, Kemp, Luebke, Berkman, Jennings, Lawrie, but I still toggled between 2nd & 3rd the whole year. So screwing up on Teixeira is no sweat.

With that out of the way, when I draft I try to hit my targeted numbers that I need to win a particular league. The numbers in this case are about 1040 RUNS, 242 HR, 1000 RBI, 180 SB, .281 BA. I used the same method this year as last year.

Many of you did a really good job getting close to these numbers, so I am anticipating a really competitive year. I have run everybody’s stats and the totals for a selected few are below.

Rotoquest 1122, 265, 1023, 212, 0.282
Shocker 1095, 263, 1023, 166, 0.275
Oscar 1029, 259, 1003, 157, 0.276
Therock 968, 238, 950, 160, 0.288

Well I am running out of time so I just want to wish everyone good luck in all their leagues, and I hope it is a prosperous year for all of you.
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Re: 2013 darft Analysis!

Post by RedBullVodka »

And with that a new rivalry is borne! ;)

Loving this year's darft analysis. :-)
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Re: 2013 darft Analysis!

Post by TheRock »

Wow. 8-o Uh, sorry roto. Your team's awesome.
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Re: 2013 darft Analysis!

Post by oscar15 »

Good stuff all!
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