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Forming CBS Slow Draft League with Contracts

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:24 pm
by NevadaMartin
$100 League Safe

Slow Draft via CBS (will likely miss SEA/OAK games due to late start)

H2H Categories with triple match ups. 30 MLB (22 active 8 bench) + 20 minors. All done through a slow draft on CBS.

Looking for 14ish teams.

Contact me with questions or invite.


CONSTITUTION7x7 H2H Keeper League 60 (for 60 contract years)


This league is a 7x7 H2H Triple Weekly Matchups Daily Lineups.
7 offensive categories: R, RBI, HR, SB-CS, AVG, OBP, SLG
7 pitching categories: IP, K, W+QS, SV+HLDS, ERA, WHIP, K/BB


ML- Minor Leaguer: A hitter with less than 130 career AB or a pitcher with less than 50 career IP based off of MLB rookie eligibility.

ML players will retain ML status until the season after their eligibility expires or is signed by the team owner to a MLC or a contract of up to 4 years. So if Player X surpasses ML eligibility (50 IP or 130 AB) in 2013 then in the 2014 season must be signed to an MLC or a contract of up to 4 years in the following season.

MLC - Minor League Contract. Basically a trial year free of using up your contract years. A team may have up to 4 MLC players on their roster (active/reserve/minor league players) at one time during the regular season or the playoffs. Players on MLC Contracts can move freely between your Major and Minor League rosters. In the offseason teams can have more than 4 players signed to MLCs just not during the season. All MLC contracts after your first one will subtract 1 total contract year from your original 60.

When a player runs out of minor league eligibility they may be signed to a MLC or when a ML player is promoted during the season to your major league roster they may be signed to a MLC.

MLCFA - Any MLC on your team will become a MLCFA once the off season starts. Your team will be able to sign this player to a yearly contract of up to 4 years (this does NOT count as one of your 3 annual resigns).

True Minors - Players who are in the minor leagues in professional baseball. The player will have an M listed in the MLB column on the line up page. A player signed to a yearly contract can only be put into the minors if they are a true minor leaguer.

Contracts – Each player that is outside of your minor league system must be signed to a contract of up to 4 years. Unless this player is on an MLC contract then the following season they will need to be signed up to 4 years.

4 year contract – A team's first 4 year contract will deduct 1 total contract year from the initial 60 total contract years. Any additional 4 year contract will deduct 2 additional total contract years for each additional 4 year contract.

Max Contract – 5 years is the max contract. Each team every year during the resign period can assign one 5 year contract to a player on a ML or MLCFA. This contract will cost that team 3 total contract years (if player is traded those -3 total contract years follow the player). This does not count as one of your 3 annual resigns.


Each team shall have an opening day 30 man roster comprised of 24 active players (C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF, OF, CI, MI, UTL, UTL, UTL, 5 SP, 3 RP, 2 P, and 6 reserves). Each team may also have up to 20 minor leaguers, all of whom shall either be MLs, MLCs, or players under contract that are True Minors.

A team may not lock in a lineup with their contract years over their total contract years (originally 60) at anytime during the season.


Daily line-ups may be set from a team’s 30-man roster.


A) Each team will start the season with 60 contract years to sign their 30 active players (plus DL players).

B) Teams will not be allowed to surpass their total contract years (Originally 60 subjected to penalties). Trades and pickups that put teams over must be straightened before the passing of a 2nd Sunday.


A) ML players may not be on a team's Major League roster during the regular season unless he is signed to an MLC contract or a contract of up to 4 years.

B) To make room on the 30-man roster for any called up player, an owner must release, trade, DL, or demote a player from their 30-man MLB roster.

C) If a ML player receives an MLC, he may not receive a ML again, unless he goes through the draft the following year. If an MLC player is traded he may retain MLC status but not go back to ML.

D) Players signed to contract are not allowed on the minor league roster unless they become True Minors. Example: Matt Murton is sent down to Iowa. He may be moved to the ML roster as soon as CBS has an M listed in the MLB column, even if he is on a 4 year contract.

When an owner calls up a ML player, the owner must post a message on the message board that the player needs a MLC contract or a contract of up to 4 years.

If an owner uses a ML player illegally and doesn’t announce the player will receive a MLC.

*If an owner already has 4 MLCs on their 50-man roster they will be given until the end of the next full scoring period to sort it out, or the commissioners will give the MLC player with the highest 'start percentage' a 2-year contract.


A) There will be 5 DL spots.

B) Once a MLB teams places a player on the DL, that player will be eligible to be placed on the DL. An owner must wait until CBS places a DL in the MLB column.

C) Owners must rectify their DL before a full scoring period lapses or commissioners will drop their last pickup.


20 games at a position previous year or 5 games this year. Or their primary position coming out of the minors.


You cannot drop players you have signed for 3 or more years. Only players under 1 or 2 year contracts, ML, or MLC contracts may be dropped.

All free agents you pick up off of the wire may be signed to either a 1 or 2 year deal. You must announce a 2 year pick up before the next Friday (1st day of waivers) to specify a 2 year contract otherwise 1 year is default.

Owners picking up players that put them over their total contract years will have 1 day to fix it otherwise the pickup(s) that exceed the total contract years will be dropped.


Always happen between Jan 1st and the day before the start of The Rule 5 Draft. Owners will be allowed to drop 3+ year contract players The owner is new to the league and taking over an orphaned team, In cases of death or severe non MLB related injuries, If players are not dropped they keep their original contract

4.2 FREE AGENCY (Free Agent Auction Budget)

A) Each team will be given $100 dollar FAAB to bid on Free Agents. $0 bids allowed.

B) Waivers will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every week. Ties will go by waiver priority on a rolling list.

C) If a player is dropped with a contract of ML, MLC, he can be picked up with that same contract off the waiver wire. Players entering the season with exhausted rookie eligibility can only be picked up on 1 or 2 year contracts.

D) Unlisted players may be acquired at any time as long as they were drafted or signed into professional baseball before that year's draft began. All unlisted players must be posted on the league message board. If a team requests an unlisted player claim of a player who is actually listed, they will automatically lose priority to someone who actually claims the listed player.

E) Players who sign into professional baseball after our draft starts cannot be rostered until the next season. All players must have the opportunity to be drafted before hitting our league's eligible free agent pool.


A) Contract years cannot be traded.

B) Trades cannot include any future considerations, next year's draft picks, players to be named later, etc.

C) All trades are subjected to a league vote. If 50%+ of the owners veto the trade it is canceled. If spite vetoing is suspected the trade can be subjected to commissioner approval, but must first try to be reworked at least once.

D) When a trade is completed, the owner must sign the player they received to no more than 2 years more than the original contract but ONLY can a contract out of a trade exceed 4 years if it originally was a 5 year contract.
i) If a player originally has a contract of 3 or more years he has to be offered another contract of at least 3 years. This is to avoid contract dumping. A 5 year contract must stay at 5 years.

ii)When a player defined as a minor leaguer is traded they can be signed to a ML or MLC as long as they
currently are on a ML, MLC, or 1 year contract only. ML players can be signed up to 4 years as well.

E) Any penalties for 5 and/or 4 year contracts will follow the player once they are traded.

F) The trade deadline is August 31st (8/31) of each season.

G) Trading will be opened back up after The Rule 5 Draft.


A) After the season ends, during the off season all contracts will be reduced by 1 one.

B) Free Agents will stay on your team until contract resigns are due in, at that point any player who is still a free agent will be dropped from your team and rosters will be frozen throughout the Rule 5 draft.

C) Free Agency will be frozen until after the next year's draft.

D) Trading will NOT be allowed during the off season.

E) Owners are responsible for having a legal roster meeting the correct contract years the day before the first games of the season.

F) The league page will also compile records so that a history of events and league performance can be tracked.


A) The issues or rule changes to be discussed will be determined based on owner feedback during the season. Issues will be opened for discussion and suggestions will be taken from Jan 1st until the end of The Rule 5 Draft.

B) Voting will begin once the rule change is suggested. Voting will be closed the first Sunday after opening day.

C) Suggestions that poll for higher than 60% will get put into play the following season, not the current season.
i) If someone fails to vote before the first Sunday after opening day they don't towards the percentage.


A) When the season reopens commissioners will set a deadline in February for your 3 annual and MLCFA resigns.

B) Owners may give out 3 contracts per year to that add up to 9 total contract years. 1 of these resigns can be used for extending non FA players. An annual resign or extension can never exceed 4 years max.

*i.e. contracts
1 extension to add 2 years (maxing at 4 years)
1 resign for 3 year
1 resign for 4 years (max)
or any combination equaling 9 years or less and 3 contracts or less

C) An owner may sign a MLFA (Minor League Free Agent) to a MLC (Minor League Contract) or a contract of up to 4 years. A player signed to a ML, MLC, or MLCFA can be signed to a yearly contract at any time of up to 4 years. This contract does NOT count as one of your 3 contract resigns.

D) During this period owners will be allowed to release players with 1 or 2 contract years or players that are signed to ML status or players signed to a MLC.

E) All contracts resigns must be posted on the league message board.

F) Players that are listed with FA, MLFA and MLCFA on the day before the draft starts will be released into the Free Agent pool and eligible to be drafted in the league draft.

8.0 Rule 5 DRAFT

The Rule 5 draft will start on the second Sunday in February each year (subjected to change by commissioners).

A) Each team will protect up to 24 players before the Rule 5 draft each year. All protected players set as active and all non protected players will be put into their minors.

B) The Rule 5 draft will be 1 round long. Every team will get one pick.

C) The draft order will be worst to first and ranking will be based on where teams finished the previous year.

D) Each owner will receive up to 12 hours to make their selection. 12AM – 5 AM ET the clock will freeze.

E) Teams may select from the non-protected players by placing their selection on the message board to everyone.

F) The team drafting an unprotected player must give compensation in return for the unprotected player.
i) Their 2nd round pick for a player on a yearly contract
ii) Their 3rd round pick for a player on ML or MLC

G) Players selected in The Rule 5 Draft get a contract of 3 years, unless the contract is higher than 3 then it is maintained unchanged; otherwise it is always set to 3. These players all year MUST be on your MLB roster.

H) Any team who selects an unprotected player off another team will lose 1 total contract year for that season. This will be for the entire season even if the “Rule 5-ed” player gets traded.

I) When a team has 2 players Rule 5 drafted off their team, that team may remove their team from the remainder of The Rule 5 Draft.

J) A team owner may select an unprotected player from their own team with their Rule 5 pick. This player will now be protected from the Rule 5 draft and maintain their current contract. This will count as 1 of the 2 possible drafted players before being able to remove your team from Rule 5.

K) Once the Rule 5 draft begins there will be no trades or drops allowed until the Rule 5 draft is over. Trades and drops will be activated once the Rule 5 draft has concluded.

L) Rule 5 picks can't be traded. Rule 5 drafted players can be traded after Rule 5 without penalty to total contracts.

9.0 DRAFT (The Redistribution Draft)

A) This is a non snake format draft. Each round is ordered from worst to first based on the regular season standings of the previous year.

B) A team will be removed from the draft once they have a total of 50 players on their team. Including injured reserves (you can't leave the draft with more than 50). The draft will go until every team has 50 players.

C) Teams CANNOT drop players during a draft. This prevents changing the draft pool mid draft.

D) Teams CANNOT trade for future considerations or players to be named later.

E) Unlisted players may be acquired through the commissioner. So long as they are signed to an MLB team or affiliate (a minor league team) before the draft started.

F) Players must have signed a contract with an MLB affiliate to be eligible to be drafted. Meaning players who are drafted but do not sign are NOT draft-able until they are signed to an MLB team or affiliate.

G) Players that sign with an MLB affiliate during the current or after our draft are not eligible to be rostered until the next year's draft. Draft pool cannot change once the draft is started and all players must have an opportunity to be drafted before being rostered.

The draft will take place generally on February 13th at 6:00 AM ET. The date and time are up for discussion yearly and will ultimately be set at commissioners discretion.

This is a “slow draft” the time limit is 6 hours per pick. The commissioners have the right to speed up the clock if they think the draft will not finish on time. Weekends this will generally get sped up to 4 or 6 hours, if needed.

The obligated draft clock will freeze from 12 AM ET until 5 AM ET. Picks can be made during after hours but people's draft clocks will freeze from 12 AM ET until 5 AM ET.

If at any time a team's draft clock does run to 0:00, this team's draft pick will become “pending”. Meaning the next team is now on the clock and the draft will keep moving along. The pending team can put there pick in whenever they get a chance but other teams may pick over the pending team.


The draft will last 50 rounds. It will be a “slow draft”. 6 hour clock. Draft clock freezes 12 AM – 5 AM ET.

The draft order will be generated randomly.

The draft order will be snake, 1-18 for odd rounds, and 18-1 for even rounds.


A) Trades are allowed during the draft. Trades of draft picks and/or trades for players.

B) You can only trade picks that you would be able to draft. If you would not have a 5th round pick because your team would be removed before that round then you will not be able to trade it, etc.

C) Trades involving draft picks during the draft will go through instantly to keep the draft moving along.


A) An owner may sign any player that they just drafted to a contract of up to 4 years. Or to a ML or MLC if eligible.

B) Contracts must be submitted at least a full week before Opening Day (Comish will set this date yearly).

C) Waivers will not begin until all contracts are received and rosters are set. League must have at least 1 waiver period before Opening Day.


A) Ties will be allowed in the regular season as for as W-L-T goes.

B) If teams have a tie in record at the end of the season the higher seed going into the playoffs will be determined off of the following tie breakers for the total season stats: ERA then OBP then AVG then HR

C) In the playoffs the same tie breaker will be used but only for that weekly playoff matchup: ERA, OBP, AVG, HR


$??? annual buy in. The total pool will be $??? x teams. CBS league fees as well as leaguesafe league fees will be taken out of the total pool. All payments are made to leaguesafe for $???

Payouts will be distributed by LeagueSafe after the league's playoffs. All managers receiving prize money will have next year's $??? buy-in subtracted from thier payouts and held by LeagueSafe. This is to ensure people don't just trade off their future to win now for a “hit and run”.

1st - 45%
2nd – 25%
3rd – 20%
4th – 10%