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Postby SenPalpatine » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:31 pm

If interested send an email for invite to ck out the 3 vacant teams. Only those players available for dispersal.

2nd yr. dynasty/keeper hybrid keeper league hosted on Fantrax needs 3 for dispersal draft on or about Dec 1st.

16 team, 5x5 with OBP and QS instead of Ave. and W. 30 keepers annually. 40 man rosters, up to 2 waiver wire pick ups per week. $200 fee with $40 stability fee 1st yr. Returned after 3 yrs in league, League Safe. Stability fee for dispersal draft owners are waived and the $40 will be yours after 3 yrs in league. Vacated owners have forfeited their $40 stability fee.

You must draft (snake) at least 30 minimum and 40 maximum from the vacated teams via google docs. Draft slot is part of dispersal draft. Must deposit $200 in league safe before dispersal draft.

Three rule changes will be voted on Jan. 15th. Reduce Keepers from 30 to 25 (better balance), Wins instead of QS, ("openers" have skewed that stat), Drop the 2 IL spots (up to 32 more players available on waiver wire).

Entry to the Fantasy Dynasty/Keeper Hybrid League is $200 plus $40 initial stability fee per owner, returned after 3 yrs in league or/if league is dissolved. Fees collected via league safe. Stability fee of 20% ($40) used to discount future teams and/or add to pay outs. Fees must be paid before owner is able to participate in upcoming season activities. This includes trades, dispersal draft, voting, and declaring keepers. $3200 collected minus $80 for Fantrax site fee. $3120 left for payouts.

Most pitching points $100
Most hitting points $100
MVP, NL $55 , AL $55
CY Young, NL $55, AL $55
ROY, NL $50, AL $50
1st overall $1,100
2nd overall $700
3rd overall $400
4th overall $200
5th overall $100
Most improved in total points from All-Star on $100

Initial draft will be 40 rounds conducted via slow draft on Fantrax. Draft order will be randomly selected using Thereafter, 10 round annual slow draft to fill out roster. Professional MLB, Minor league players, and MLB free agents are eligible to be drafted. If a signed player is not in the player pool, a marker may be used by the team drafting him. This will be done by notifying a commissioner of the intended pick. Once the player is added to the player pool, the marker will be swapped out for the system player. Each round of the 10 round draft (second year and beyond)m will be in reverse order of the previous seasons regular season standings. Bottom 4 teams will enter "weighted" draft lottery, 4 ballots for 16th, 3 ballots for 15th, 2 ballots for 14th, 1 ballot for 13th. Weighted lottery order is determined in this manner: Previous year's last place team is assigned numbers 0,1,2,3,; 15th place team assigned 4,5,6; 14th place team assigned 7,8; 13th place team assigned number 9. Each round of the 10 round draft will be in reverse order of the previous seasons regular season standings. This rule was implemented to prevent teams from intentionally "tanking". Draft will start once all owners have paid. Feb 23rd? It will be a slow draft on Fantrax with 6 hours per pick, if needed. Clock will be off from 1AM to 7AM, EST

Weekly line up will consist of 1C, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 SS, 1 3B, 1 MI, 1 CI, 5 OF, 2 Util, 9 P, 23 active, 17 bench.
10 games needed to qualify at a position in previous year, 5 games to qualify at a new position in season. These qualifications are set by stat site. The position most played in Minors will be established for Minor league players. Commissioner may change the position designation if player in inaccurately labeled. Teams must maintain a 23 man active and 17 man reserve roster at all times during the season. Up to two (2) players designated as DL by Fantrax site can be moved to injured reserve, Suspended players cannot be moved to DL. Returning DL players must be activated or dropped by next scoring period. Minor league players may be slotted in the ACTIVE roster, but acquire only MLB stats.

Categories for hitters are: OBP, HR, RBI, RUNS, SB
Categories for pitchers are: ERA, WHIP, QS, K, Saves
1000 Innings minimum, 5000 at bats minimum. Any team not meeting these requirements will receive 1 point in all affected categories, this DOES move up the other teams in the standings.

Major league players drafted can be kept for 5 years, including draft year. Minor league players are defined as still having Rookie Status. Rookie eligible players can be kept until 30 years old as determined by calendar year of birth, or 5 years, whichever is longer, but must be selected in the draft. Rookie eligibility is determined at the time of the draft. They retain the rookie contract until they are released to the Free Agent pool. Minor league eligibility will be determined on Baseball Reference ( Please refer to the Rookie Status on the players page. A rookies status will read still intact. Players not listed are most likely still with Rookie Status. Waiver wire players can be kept for current year + 1.

Each year teams must designate 30 players as keepers. Date to be determined annually with a projected date of February 1. DL players must be included as keepers or dropped.

Trades are subject to a 2-day voting period, where at most 5 objections are allowed. Trades receiving more than 33% (6 or more) objections are sent to the commissioner for approval. Fees MUST be paid before off season trades are initiated. Trading draft picks is permitted. League fees most be paid by both owners when trading future picks. The amount of draft picks going to one team will need to have an equal number of draft picks in return. No trades are allowed between the keeper deadline and the draft completion.

Worst to first weekly free agents. Two rounds. Only Major League players on 25 man roster or DL players with Major League status are available to be picked up on waivers. In no cases can Minor league players (including September call-ups) or international signees be picked up on waivers UNLESS they are placed on the 25 man roster. They will be made available at the following year's draft. Two waiver wire adds maximum per week. The waiver deadline is Aug 31st. Waiver pickups will resume when 25 man rosters are established. The initial waiver order will be set by the previous year's standings. The Champion will have the last waiver wire position and so on up the line. The last place team from the previous year will begin with the first waiver wire selection. When an owner uses a pick, they move to the bottom, the order never resets. Standard weekly waiver rules apply, a team may claim any player in the player pool that is not on someone else's team, BUT must be on a major league 25 man roster. For a free agent to be added he must be on the 25-man roster AT THE TIME THE WAIVERS RUN and RESTRICTED PLAYERS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE ADDED TO FREE AGENTS IF THEY AREN'T ON THE 25-MAN ROSTER.

Prior to the draft, a 2 week voting period (approx Jan 15th of each yr) will give owners an opportunity to propose and vote on new rules and rule changes. Any drastic rule changes will be voted on by all league members before being ratified. A majority of franchise owners must vote in favor for the rule change to take effect. This percentage will be calculated by the owners that vote. Owners that do not vote are considered as abstained. The percentage will be calculated 7 days from posting time. New rules/rule changes go into effect during the current season as voted.

Team Abandonment
A franchise shall be considered abandoned if said owner does not pay league fee prior to payment deadline. A franchise shall be considered abandoned if said owner demonstrates a continual and prolonged non participation in league and franchise duties without open communication with the league owners. In-season abandonment requires a expulsion proposal from the commissioner plus a unanimous league vote. A new team that enters the league shall take over an existing abandoned team. If two or more teams are abandoned, a dispersal draft of abandoned teams will be conducted. Draft slots are also part of the dispersal draft. If one vacant team finishes in one of last four places in standings they become part of the lottery as stated previously. Fees are to paid before dispersal draft commences.

All owners are expected to fully participate in the league. This includes voting and "smack" talk. However, owners will refrain from posting any obscene material, or use language of an offensive nature on the league website. Please respect and adhere to this rule.

The league will be "governed" by two co-commissioners. The co-commissioners of the league is nothing more than unbiased judges of the written rules. It is the their job to act as a mediator; to interpret and enforce the rules, to ensure league integrity. No special privileges are given to these positions. The commissioners are allowed to make negligible rule changes when something occurs that is unforeseen and/or not covered by the rules, and when the rule will not change the outcome of any games during the season, or to settle inevitable disputes which occur in fantasy baseball. Note: Rule changes will only be made for the betterment of the league. The league co-commissioners will be responsible for maintaining rules and putting the best interest of the league foremost should any dispute arise. or PM, post here with an email address and I'll send you an invite................
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