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$150 2 to 4 Open Slots (Roto, 6 x 5, Mixed, Keepers, CBS)

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$150 2 to 4 Open Slots (Roto, 6 x 5, Mixed, Keepers, CBS)

Postby rjm713 » Tue Mar 10, 2020 12:14 am

This is a clean start-up of a thirty-two season league, with five hold-over owners and three new owners. *** The $ 175 fee for new owners has been reduced to $ 150. ***
The five owners moving to this "new" league are all ACTIVE, RESPECTFUL, and like to ENJOY the season - This is a FUN experience as far as we're concerned.
We'll go with ten teams if need be, but over that would be better.

If Interested, please contact me at "" and I'll get back to you. Thanks, and HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON!


Constitution of the LPL 2 League
Rich Murphy Sr., Commissioner

Section I

Fees and Prize Monies
o - Fees - $ 200 for returning owners and $ 150 for newcomers.
o - Prize monies – Awarded to 1st through 4th place owners. Determined by total team fees minus costs of CBS service and plaque awarded to Champion. Fees are held in
"PayPal" account. (No $ 4.00 "convenience fee to LeagueSafe, and I PAY MONEY-WINNING TEAMS THE DAY AFTER SEASON ENDS - no "vote" TAKEN to release $.)

o - Standings and statistics are compiled by
o - Highest point total in 162 games determines Champion. Tie‐breakers: 1.) Categories won H-2-H, and 2.) Batting Average.

Rosters and Eligibility
o - Active Roster Composition: Twenty‐six players - Fifteen hitters - one each at C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS; CO INF, MID INF, three DH/UTIL, and five OF. Eleven pitchers ‐ five starters minimum, eight maximum and three relievers min., six max.
o - Bench Roster Composition: Five players from Majors and Minors. No position restriction.
o - Position Eligibility: 1.) Draft Day – Hitters, twenty games in prior season. Otherwise, where majority of games were played. Pitchers - 20 GS, or else majority as SP or RP, and 2.) In‐Season ‐ five games for each.
o - Any hitter is eligible at DH/UTIL; hitters who only qualify at DH/UTIL are limited to DH/UTIL. Note: Dual-position Players (Ohtani, Lorenzen, McKay, etc.) are designated as either hitter or pitcher for entire season.
o - Position to position moves allowed without restriction; five game minimum applies.
o - Minor Leaguer Eligibility is based on MLB Rookie of the Year qualifications. For Position players - less than 130 at‐bats in prior season, and for Pitchers - less than 50 IP in prior season.

Scoring Categories
o - Hitting ‐ Average, Home Runs, RBI, Total Bases + Walks + Hit by Pitch, Runs and Net Stolen Bases. Pitching ‐ Net Wins + Net Saves + Holds, ERA, Ratio and Ks. Points awarded on a highest to lowest, equal weight basis.

Section II

The Draft and Picks
o - Date: Held on Saturday, March 21st, 2020. Start time is 1 P.M. ET.
o - Draft is 31 rounds total. First 26 Rounds comprise players on Active roster. Rounds 27 – 31 comprise Bench players (any composition of MLB and Minor League players).
o - Farm/Minor League players may be activated, reserved or traded without restriction. Players who continue to meet ROY qualifications at season-end may be retained for following season, traded, or returned to free agent pool.
o - “Aroldis Chapman Rule”: Players who are drafted and are under suspension at start of season must remain on active roster for duration of suspension.
o - Draft order: Snake for entire 31 rounds. (Initial season only.) For Season # 2, Rounds 1 – 5, Reverse order of prior season's final standings; Rounds 6 – 10, Order of prior season’s final standings; Rounds 11 -15, Reverse order; Rounds 16-20, Order of final standing; Rounds 21-26, Reverse order – all modified by in/off-season deals; and Rounds 27 – 31, Order of final standings.
o - Trading of draft picks: Picks may be traded in‐season from mid-May to mid-August (see below for exact dates,) and in the offseason during ten-day Winter Trade Period (WTP,) commencing on the first Monday in February.
o - Multiple‐Pick Rounds: In Rounds 1 – 10, limited to any five rounds, and from Round 11 on, no limit.
o - Multiple Picks: limited to two in those five rounds, and from Round 11 on, no limit.
o - Trade-balancing Picks: cannot exceed two in any round(s) agreed-upon. If rounds are not stipulated, inherited picks are moved to the last round (Round 26) or else to the nearest preceding round with fewer than two inherited picks.
o - Upon conclusion of ten-day February Winter Trading Period, keepers are to be submitted. All multiple-pick rounds, and number of picks in each of those rounds must comply with stated limitations of five and two respectively.
o - Keepers - Five per team. Note - Injured players declared as keepers, who will start season on D.L., can be replaced on Opening Day.
o - Free Agent Claims – Weekly, on Sunday night. Based on reverse order of Standings at conclusion of all Sunday games.
o - Priority: Awarded as follows - D.L. replacements, one per team, last place team to first. Then odd‐man trade fillers. Free Agent claims. Note – D.L. related moves (putting on or activating off of,) and trade fillers do not count as a move.
o - Alternate Choices: Insufficient lists of names will result in roster with open slot(s) until sufficient choice(s) is submitted. Note - Week 26, rosters are frozen. No exceptions.
o - Trades – Daily (Players only, between April 26th – July 12th) (Including Draft Picks, between July 13th – August 23rd)
All trades must be announced via e‐mail to entire League. Trades become official after one owner announces trade and second owner confirms it. Trades are made with "caveat emptor" (buyer beware) understanding. Disputed trades are subject to review. Farm players who are traded may be replaced by another ROY-eligible Minor Leaguer. Players who lose ROY eligibility during season must be activated or dropped to FA pool, and may no longer occupy Farm slot.

Transaction Deadlines
o - Sunday Free Agent moves: 9 p.m., ET.
o - Daily D.L. activation moves: addressed in order received, effective next day.
o - Daily trades: effective next day, if announced and confirmed, and rosters are in balance with trade fillers (if needed.) FA roster “fillers” resulting from odd‐man deals are awarded upon trade confirmation, not before.

Disabled List
o - Eligibility - Players must be placed on MLB disabled list, as reported on CBS or Players do not have to be activated by MLB club as a prerequisite to being activated by LP2 owner. Players who are injured post-draft and who will begin season on the D.L., are eligible to be replaced prior to Opening Day on a first-come, first-served basis.

Suspensions and Paternity Leave
o - Players suspended by MLB or for team disciplinary reasons do not merit “reserve” privileges. Owner has two options: keep him active or drop him for free agent. Players who are suspended for 50-plus games (PED-related use, domestic violence, etc.) may be immediately reserved and activated upon being added to MLB roster. Players placed on Paternity Leave may be reserved, but period on Reserve must be for minimum of seven days.

Orphaned Teams - Rosters of orphaned teams are sent to Free Agent pool in their entirety upon season’s conclusion.

2- 27 - 20

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